New York Rent Laws
EHRCL Table of Contents

The Emergency Housing Rent Control Law of 1961 [EHRCL]

Section 3. TEMPORARY STATE HOUSING RENT COMMISSION. 1. There is hereby created a temporary state commission, to be known as the temporary state housing rent commission. Such commission shall consist of one commissioner, to be known as the state rent administrator, who shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, and who shall serve during the pleasure of the governor. He shall receive an annual salary to be provided by law. He shall be entitled to his expenses actually and necessarily incurred by him in the performance of his duties. 2. The commission shall establish and maintain such offices within the state as the commission may deem necessary, and shall designate one of them as its principal office. The commission may appoint such officers, counsel, employees and agents as the commission may deem necessary, fix their compensation within the limitations provided by law, and prescribe their duties. All employees of the commission shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the civil service law and rules. 3. Any officer or employee under federal or municipal civil service selected by the commission may, with the consent of the appropriate governmental agency by which he is or has been employed, be transferred without further examination or qualification to comparable offices, positions and employment under the commission. Any such officer or employee who has been appointed to an office or position under the rules and classifications of the state or any municipal civil service commission, shall retain, upon such transfer, the civil service classification and status which he had prior to such transfer. Any such officer or employee who at the time of transfer has a temporary or provisional appointment shall be subject to removal, examination or termination as though such transfer had not been made. The commission may, by agreement with the appropriate federal agency and state civil service commission, make similar provision for any federal officer or employee so transferred. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, any such officer or employee so transferred, pursuant to the provisions of this section, who is a member or beneficiary under any existing municipal pension or retirement system, shall continue to have all rights, privileges, obligations and status with respect to such fund, system or systems as are now prescribed by law, but during the period of his employment by the commission, all contributions to any pension or retirement fund or system to be paid by the employer on account of such officer or employee, shall be paid by the commission. The commission may by agreement with the appropriate federal agency, make similar provisions relating to retirement for any federal officer or employee so transferred.

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