Figure A-2


Variables NYHVS Definition
AREAINC Total H'hold income recode Calculated average household income in sub borough area
BDSTRUCT Boarded up structure in neighborhood? Has boarded up=1
BLD47 Year built recode Built 1947-1959=1(0 in all 3 categories implies pre-1947)
BLD6060 Year built recode Built 1960-1979=1
BLD60OVR Year built recode Built 1960 or later
BLD80 Year built recode Built 1980 or later=1
BORO1 Borough Bronx=1
BORO2 Borough Brooklyn=1
BORO3 Borough Manhattan=1
BORO4 Borough Queens=1
BORO5 Borough Staten Island=1
CONTROL Control status recode Code 90, controlled rent units=1
DEFICYHI Number of 1993 deficiencies 3 or more deficiences=1
DEFICYLO Number of 1993 deficiencies 2 or fewer deficiencies=1
ELECT Elect. Paid seperately Electricity paid seperately or with gas=1
ELEV Passenger elevator in bldg. Elevator=1
EXTRAUTIL Payment for elect., gas & other fuels Calculated monthly utility payment not included in rent
FEMALE Head of household Female=1
GAS Gas paid seperately Gas paid seperately or with elect.=1
GDCONDX Condition of unit recode Not dilapidated=1 (not reported are excluded)
HEATCNDX Number of heating breakdowns One or no heating equip.breakdowns=1
HHINC Total h'hld income recode Household income
HUSBWIFE Head of household Husband & wife household=1
INREM Control status recode Code 95, in rem units=1
KITCHEN Presence of kitchen recode Exclusive use kitchen=1
LEASELEN Lenght of lease Number of years in lease, max=3
LENGTH Year householder moved in Calculated years in apartment
MARKET Control status recode Code 80, market rent units=1
NEIGHEXC Condx. of resid. structures in neighborhood Excellent=1, (Poor=0 in excellent/fair/good)
NEIGHFAI Condx. of resid. structures in neighborhood Fair=1
NEIGHGOD Condx. of resid. structures in neighborhood Good=1
NONRELA Presence of nonrelatives recode Non-relative present=1
NUMBED Number of bedrooms Bedroom count
NUMPER Number of persons living in apartment Person count
NUMROOM Number of rooms Room count
PUBASST Household income Household on public assistance=1
PUBLIC Type of schedule recode Code 12, public housing=1
RACEASIA Race/ethnicity householder recode Code 5, Head of household Asian, yes=1
RACEBLK Race/ethnicity householder recode Code 2, Head of household Black, yes=1
RACEWHIT Race/ethnicity householder recode Code 1, Head of household White, yes=1
RENTCONT Monthly contract rent Monthly contract rent
RENTGR Monthly gross rent Gross rent including utilities, $2,200 top
RETINC Household income Household with retirement income=1
SCRIE Senior citizen rent increase exemption SCRIE=1
STOR10 Number of stories in building 6 to 10 in building=1
STOR20 Number of stories in building 11 to 20 stories in building=1
STOR21 Number of stories in building Over 20 stories in building=1
SUBORO Sub-borough area (Sub-borough code (1 through 18)
SUBSIDY Fed., State or local rent subsidy Rent subsidy=1
UNITS19 Number of units in building 10 to 19 units=1
(0 in all units is less than 10)
UNITS199 Number of units in building 100 to 199 units=1
UNITS299 Number of units in building 200 or more units=1
UNITS49 Number of units in building 20 to 49 units=1
UNITS99 Number of units in building 50 to 99 units=1
AMOUNT Household income from wages Wages
WEIGHTH Final household weight Number of units represented by sample