Net Loss:
Secondary Effects of City Budget Cut Proposals

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Table of Contents

City of New York
Office of the Comptroller
Office of Policy Management and
Bureau of Fiscal and Budget Studies

Alan G. Hevesi, Comptroller

May 16, 1995

First Deputy Comptroller
Steve Newman

Director, Office of Policy Management
Jeanne Millman

Deputy Comptroller for Budget
Richard F. Halverson

OPM Staff

John Tepper Marlin
Pat Beresford
Phil Berger
Barbara Salmanson
Sarah Schenck
Mike Skrak
Barry Skura
Jennifer Stevens
Lincoln Stewart
Joyce White

Budget Staff

Harris Lirtzman, Bureau Chief
Jacques Jiha, Chief Economist
Ann Flynn
Michael Leinwand
Ku Shin
Jim White

Report Editor
David Neustadt