Vacant For Rent Housing Units

(1993 NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey)

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New York City Structure Class 

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Year Building Built 

Data on year built were obtained from records provided by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development.

Number of Units in Building

All units (both occupied and vacant) were counted. A building is classifiec as a separate building if it has either open space on all sides or is separated from other structures by dividing walls that extend from ground to roof.

Number of Stories in Building 


Number of floors in the building. Basements are counted as a floor only if occupied.


Presence of Owner in Building 

The owner need not live in the sample unit to be considered as living in the building.

 Elevator in Building with 2 Stories or More 




Condition of Building 

Dilapidated buildings do not provide safe and adequate shelter to the occupants. A structure was rated dilapidated if it showed one or more critical defects or a combination of intermediate defects or inadequate original construction.

Condition of External Walls of Building

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Condition of Windows of Building


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Condition of Stairways of Building

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Condition of Floors of Building


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Number of Building Condition Problems




Rooms counted include whole rooms used for living purposes, such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. Also included are rooms used for offices by a person living in the unit.


The count of rooms used mainly for sleeping, even if also used for other purposes. A housing unit consisting of only one room, such as an efficiency apartment, is classified by definition as having no bedroom.

 Monthly Asking Rent 

The asking rent for vacant for rent housing units is the rent asked for the unit at the time of interview which may differ from the rent contracted at the time the unit was occupied. The asking rent may or may not include utilities. The asking rent may differ from the amount actually contracted for.


Monthly Asking Rent Per Room


See "Monthly Contract Rent" and "Rooms"


Type of Heating Fuel




Buildings with Broken or Boarded Up Windows on Street (Observation)


This information is gathered by the field interviewer. It concerns buildings with broken or boarded up windows on the same street (both sides within the same block) as the sample unit.


Cooperative/Condominium Status of Building Development




Presence of Plumbing Facilities


A housing unit has complete facilities if it has hot and cold piped water, a flush toilet, and a bathtub or shower. All facilities need not be located in the same room, but they must be in the unit. Complete plumbing facilities are for exclusive use if they are used by the occupants of the unit.


Presence of Kitchen Facilities


A housing unit has complete kitchen facilities if it has a sink with piped water, a range or cookstove, and a refrigerator. All facilities must be located in the unit although they do not need to be in the same room. Kitchen facilities are for exclusive use if they are only used by the occupants of the unit.


Previous Occupancy




Duration of Vacancy


The time periods represent the time since the last occupants vacated the unit to the day of the first attempt at interviewing a respondent. For newly constructed units, the time refers to the date that the unit is ready for occupancy. A unit is considered vacant until occupied, regardless of the date on a lease, rental payment, or property settlement.