Rent Regulation After 50 Years

An Overview of New York State's Rent Regulated Housing: 1993

New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal

Table of Contents

Mario M. Cuomo, Governor
Donald M. Halperin, State Director of Housing
Joseph A. D'Agosta, Deputy Commissioner for Rent Administration

Office of Rent Administration

Deputy Commissioner

Lula M. Anderson*

Bureau Chiefs

Gary Turk
Ed Blanco
Howard Hecht
Sidney Weir
Ron Susser

*Due to publication schedules the report cover was printed before the content and identifies Joseph A. D'Agosta as the Deputy Commissioner for Rent Administration. On July 11, 1994, Mr. D'Agosta was appointed Executive Deputy Commissioner and Lula M. Anderson was appointed to replace him as the new Deputy Commissioner for Rent.