NYC Zoning Handbook: Appendix B
How To Use The Resolution

Each section of the text is identified by a number. The first two or three digits preceding the hyphen indicate the article and chapter. The remaining digits indicate the section or subsection. For example, 43-121 identifies Article IV, Chapter 3, Subsection 121 (a subsection within Section 12).

Throughout the resolution, all words specifically defined in the text are italicized.

Use, bulk, and parking regulations for each district are indicated separately within the appropriate article. For example, Article II contains regulations for Residence Districts, Article III contains regulations for Commercial Districts, Article IV contains regulations for Manufacturing Districts.

How to Determine what may be Built on a Specific Piece of Land

  • Identify the district in which the project is located by referring to the appropriate map.
  • Turn to the article indicated by the district symbol (R = Residence; C =Commercial; M = Manufacturing).
  • Read the general provisions at the beginning of each applicable chapter to determine special regulations or information.
  • Check the Use Group chart in the article to see which Use Groups are permitted in the district.
  • Read the sections on these Use Groups to see which uses are permitted in the district as a mailer of right and which uses are allowed only by a special permit from the City Planning Commission or the Board of Standards and Appeals.
  • Determine which bulk and parking regulations apply to the zone in which the site is located.

How to Determine where a Specific Use may be Located

For quick reference, turn to the Index of Uses in Appendix A of the Zoning Resolu- tion to determine the zoning districts in which the use may locate. For more specific information, read the applicable use, bulk, and parking regulations in the resolution.

In districts listed without an asterisk, a use is permitted as a matter of right. In districts marked with a single asterisk, a special permit from the Board of Standards and Appeals is required. In districts marked with a double asterisk, a special permit from the City Planning Commission is required. City Planning Commission special permits are subject to City Council review in cases where the community board and the Borough President have recommended disapproval, or where the Council itself votes to consider the mailer.


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