NYC Zoning Handbook: Appendix E
Table 5

Table 5
Commercial Districts: Permitted Uses

Table 5

[1] In all districts except C7, uses must be located within completely enclosed buildings. Open store fronts and store windows are allowed, however, in C2, C3, C4, C6-1 through C6-4, C6-6, and C8 districts.

In certain C5 and C6 districts in Manhattan (Community Districts 1 to 6), all pre-existing lawful Use Group 17B or 17E uses, when located in pre-1961 buildings shall be considered conforming. In C6-2M or C6-4M districts, any use of Use Group 17B or 17E shall be permitted in a pre-1961 building by right.

In C6-1G or C6-2G districts, residential uses are allowed by special permit of the City Planning Commission in certain pre-existing non-residential buildings.

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