NYC Zoning Handbook:
Manufacturing Districts: M2

M2 districts occupy the middle ground between light and heavy industrial areas. Required performance standards are lower than in M1 districts. Except when they border on a residential district, more noise and vibration are allowed in M2 districts, smoke is permitted, and industrial activities need not be entirely enclosed. The various M2 districts have different floor area ratios and parking and loading requirements.

M2: Medium manufacturing medium performance

Mainly in older manufacturing areas
M2- 1 FAR: 2.0
Parking: required

Waterfront manufacturing area
M2-2 FAR: 5.0
Parking: required

Located only in Manhattan CBD
M2-3 FAR: 2.0
Parking: not required

Waterfront manufacturing area
M2-4 FAR: 5.0
Parking: not required

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