NYC Zoning Handbook:
Commercial Districts: C8

Automotive and other heavy commercial services are provided for in C8 districts. C8 districts form a bridge between commercial and manufacturing uses, and are appropriate for heavy uses which are land consuming but not labor intensive. These districts are mainly mapped along major traffic arteries where concentrations of automotive uses have developed. Performance standards are imposed for certain uses in Use Groups 11A and 16.

Typical uses are automobile showrooms, automotive service facilities and warehouses. Housing is not permitted.

Parking requirements vary with districts and use. Automotive uses in C8-1 to C8-3 districts require substantial parking. C84 districts are usually exempt from parking requirements.

C8: General service district

Automotive sales and service
C8-1 Commercial FAR: 1.0

Automobile showrooms and offices
C8-2 Commercial FAR: 2.0 C8-3

C84 Commercial FAR: 5.0

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