NYC Zoning Handbook:
Commercial Districts: C5

C5 is a restricted central commercial district intended primarily for retail uses which serve the metropolitan region and for areas where continuous retail frontage is desired. The retail area of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is zoned C5. The districts are typically developed with department stores, large office buildings, and mixed buildings with residential space above office or commercial floors. Home maintenance services, auto rental establishments and other uses such as bowling alleys are not permitted because they are not in character with the district.

The district is mapped in Mid- and Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn and in Long Island City in Queens. All commercial uses in these high density areas are exempt from parking requirements because public transportation is easily available.

There are two contextual CS districts -- C5-1A and C5-2A. In the C5-1A district, residential bulk and density are governed by the regulations of the R10A district.

C5-2A is a contextual commercial district in which the allowable lot coverage, required street wall height, location of the front building wall, and the type of commercial uses permitted on the ground floor of a building, are subject to special controls. The district is currently mapped on a portion of Lexington Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

C5: Restricted central commercial district

Note: All commercial uses are exempt from parking requirements

Low bulk commercial district
C5-1 Commercial FAR: 4.0
Residential FAR: 10.0
(to 12.0 with bonus)
C5-1A Commercial FAR: 4.0
Residential FAR: 10.0
(to 12.0 with lower-income housing)

Medium bulk commercial districts
C5-2 Commercial FAR: 10.0
C5-4 (to 12.0 with bonus)
Residential FAR: 10.0
(to 12.0 with bonus)
C5-2A Commercial FAR: 12.0
Residential FAR: 12.0

High bulk commercial districts
C5-3 Commercial FAR: 15.0
C5-5 (to 18.0 with bonus)
Residential FAR: 10.0
(to 12.0 with bonus)

Special Midtown District
Maximum FAR:
C5-2.5 12.0 (to 14.4 with bonus)
C5-P 8.0

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