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Gas Appliances

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[D26-18.01] 27-2034 Space and Water Heaters
[D26-18.03] 27-2035 Gas-fired Refrigerators
[D26-18.05] 27-2036 Self-inspection of Gas appliances

Sec. [D26-18.01] 27-2034 Space and water heaters

a. Any gas-fueled space or water heater used in any dwelling unit, in addition to the provisions of section 27-2032 of article eight of this subchapter, shall comply with the provisions of this section and with the regulations of the department.

b. No person shall install or maintain in any dwelling unit a gas-fuel-fired space or water heater unless the heater obtains combustion air directly from the outside of the building. In the alternative, a gas fuel fired water heater that does not obtain its combustion air directly from the outside of the building may be installed provided that such installation is in compliance with the conditions of subdivision i of section P107.26 of reference standard RS-16 of the building code.

c. No person shall install or maintain a gas-fueled water heater in a room occupied for sleeping purposes, or cause or permit to be occupied for sleeping purposes any room in which a gas-fueled water heater is installed.

d. No person shall install or maintain in any dwelling unit a gas-fueled water heater so designed and arranged that it heats water in pipe coils placed at a distance from the hot water storage tank.

e. Every gas-fuel-fired space or water heater shall be (i) currently listed by an independent laboratory acceptable to the commissioner of buildings, (ii) approved by the department of buildings and (iii) approved by the department of health. All accessories or control devices for use with such heaters shall have proof of such listing.

f. Each heater shall be equipped with an effective device which will automatically shut off the gas supply to the heater it its pilot light or other constantly burning flame is extinguished, or in the event of an interruption of the gas supply to the heater, and will not permit the heater to be relighted unless such shut-off device is first reset manually.

g. Each heater shall be rigidly connected to the gas piping supplying gas in the premises.

h. Each heater shall be connected to a flue or outlet pipe conforming to the provisions of the building code. No heater shall be vented to an inner court. A flue or outlet pipe may be extended to an inner court if the flue or pipe is connected with an outside chimney, which conforms to the provisions of the building code.

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Sec. [D26-18.03] 27-2035 Gas-fired refrigerators

a. It shall be unlawful to install or furnish for use or to use, operate, or permit to be used or operated in a dwelling any gas-fired refrigerator:

(1) which utilizes a water-cooled gas-fired refrigerator unit; or

(2) which is not equipped with a flue and flue components wholly composed of a non metallic material or of molybdenum stainless steel or aluminum; or

(3) which is not equipped with a fixed mounted dust incinerating type of gas burner, gas pressure regulator, gas supply filter, and thermostat; or

(4) which does not have a properly operating automatic regulating or safety device of a type installed or specified by the manufacturer, or which has a clogged flue, or an improperly operating burner, or which gives off excessive heat or odors or discharges carbon monoxide or is otherwise defective.

b. Inspectors or other duly authorized representatives of the department may seal any refrigerator which is in violation of this section. Any refrigerator so sealed shall not be installed, used, or operated without the written permission of the department.

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Sec. [D26-18.05] 27-2036 Self-inspection of gas appliances

The owner shall cause an inspection to be made by a licensed plumber, utility company or other qualified gas service person of each gas-fueled space heater and, in an old law tenement or in any rooming unit, of each gas appliance, at least once a year. The findings on inspection shall be recorded on forms approved by the department and shall be kept on file by the owner for a period of one year. Such inspection reports shall be submitted to the department upon request but shall not be subject to inspection by others or to subpoena, or used in or as the basis of prosecution for the existence of a defect on the date of inspection.

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