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Janitorial Services

[Section] Section
[D26-22.01] 27-2052 Definitions
[D26-22.03] 27-2053 Obligations of Owner
[D26-22.05] 27-2054 Residence of Person Performing Janitorial Services; Limitation on Number of Dwelling Units Served
[D26-22.07] 27-2055 Certification of Competency
[D26-22.09] 27-2056 Exemption of New York City Housing Authority

Sec. [D26-22.01] 27-2052 Definitions

When used in this article:

(a) Janitorial services means: cleaning and maintenance, including the making of minor repairs; the furnishing of heat and hot water, where supplied from a central source; the removal of garbage, refuse, ashes and wastes from the premises; and the removal of snow, ice. dirt and other matter from the sidewalk and gutter.

(b) Janitor means a person employed to perform janitorial services.

Sec. [D26-22.03] 27-2053 Obligations of owner

a. The owner of a multiple dwelling shall provide adequate janitorial services.

b. In a multiple dwelling of nine or more dwelling units, the owner shall either:

(1) perform the janitorial services himself or herself, if he or she is a resident owner; or

(2) provide a janitor; or

(3) provide for janitorial services to be performed on a 24 hour-a-day basis in a manner approved by the department.

c. The owner of a multiple dwelling or his or her managing agent in control shall post and maintain in such dwelling a legible sign, conspicuously displayed, containing the janitor's name, address (including apartment number) and telephone number. A new identification sign shall be posted and maintained within five days following a change of janitor.

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Sec. [D26-22.05] 27-2054 Residence of person performing janitorial services; limitation on number of dwelling units served

The person who performs janitorial services for a multiple dwelling of nine or more dwelling units (other than where janitorial services are performed on a 24-hour-a-day basis under paragraph 3 of subdivision b of section 27-2053 of this article) shall reside in or within a distance of one block or 200 feet from the dwelling, whichever is greater, unless the owner resides in the multiple dwelling. Where two or three multiple dwellings are connected or adjoining, it shall be sufficient, however, that the person who performs janitorial services resides in one of these, but no person who performs janitorial services for more than one multiple dwelling may service more than 65 dwelling units. Regardless of residence the janitor must have a telephone where the janitor may reasonably be expected to be reached.

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Sec. [D26-22.07] 27-2055 Certification of competency

a. Except as provided in subdivision of this section (b), the owner who is required to employ a janitor shall certify in writing to the department that such owner's janitor is competent to perform janitorial services required to be performed by this article in a competent fashion and is capable of operating the incinerator and the furnace, boiler and other machinery that provides central heat and hot water. The owner shall submit a new certificate of the janitor's competency to the department no later than 60 days after hiring a new janitor.

b. No such certification shall be required concerning a janitor who has satisfactorily completed a course of not less than 15 hours given or approved by the department of buildings in the basic skills required for the performance of janitorial services. Such course should include, but need not be limited to, instruction on operation of the central heating plant; replacement of the smoke pipe from the furnace to the chimney; and the making of necessary minor repairs, such as replacement of washers and water faucets. Courses approved by the department of buildings may he offered by a school, association, labor union or other public agency.

c. This section shall become effective on June 13, 1968.

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Sec. [D26-22.09] 27-2056 Exemption of New York city housing authority

The provisions of this article shall not be applicable to the New York city housing authority.

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