How To Read A DHCR Docket Number

Example: AA-110001-S

The first letter in a DHCR docket number signifies the year the case
was filed. This docketing system was introduced in 1986. If a docket
number begins with an "A", as in the above sample, the case was filed in 1986.

A - filed in 1986
B - filed in 1987
C - filed in 1988
D - filed in 1989
E - filed in l990
F - filed in 1991
G - filed in l992
H - filed in 1993
I - filed in 1994
J - filed in 1995
K - filed in 1996
L - filed in 1997
M - filed in 1998
N - filed in 1999
O - filed in 2000
P - filed in 2001
Q - filed in 2002
R - filed in 2003
S - filed in 2004
T - filed in 2005
U - filed in 2006
V - filed in 2007
W - filed in 2008
X - filed in 2009
Y - filed in 2010
Z - filed in 2011

The second letter in a DHCR docket number signifies the month the case was
filed. For example, if the second letter is an "A", as in the above sample,
the case was filed in January.

A - filed in January
B - filed in February
C - filed in March
D - filed in April
E - filed in May
F - filed in June
G - filed in July
H - filed in August
I - filed in September
J - filed in October
K - filed in November
L - filed in December

Please note that a "Z" in front of the docket number represents a closed case.

The first number represents the location of the building. In the example used,
the number "1" indicates that the building is located in the Borough of Queens.

1 - Queens
2 - Brooklyn
3 - Richmond
4 - Lower Manhattan
5 - Upper Manhattan
6 - Bronx
7 - Nassau
8 - Rockland
9 - Westchester
0 - Albany and Buffalo

The next number represents the rent regulations that apply to the case:

1 - Rent Stabilized case
2 - Rent Controlled case
3 - Rent Stabilized and Controlled case
4 - Hotel case

The last four numbers represent a sequential docketing number
which identifies an individual case from all other cases of the
same type which were docketed in the same month.

The letter(s) at the end of the docket number represent the type
of case. In the example used, the letter "S." indicates that
the case is an individual tenant's complaint of lack of
services. See full listing of case types.

AC    Owner Labor Cost Rent Increase Application
AD    Administrative Determination
AM    Owner Increased Operating Costs
AN    Increased Operating Costs
AV    Administrative Violation
B     Tenant's Statement of Complaint of a
      Decrease in Building Wide Service(s).
BO    MBR Challenge filed by Owner
BR    Owner MBR Application
BT    Tenant MBR Cost Challenge
DP    Owner Determination of Primary Residence (ETPA)
E     Tenant Improper Eviction
F     Tenant Fuel Cost Challenge
FC    Fuel Challenge Report
FR    Fuel Cost Revocation/Suspension
HA    Filed by Owner on His/Her Letterhead for the
      Purpose of Lifting an Earlier Finding of Harassment.
HC    DHCR Initiated After Penalties Have Been Imposed in one of
      the Three Cases Below (see*)
HI*   DHCR Initiated as a Follow-Up to a Request or
      Notification From an Elected Official or
      DHCR Unit to Investigate an Alleged Abuse of
      the Rent laws
HL*   Tenant's Statement of Violations Harassment.
HM*   DHCR Initiated as a Follow-Up to a Situation
      where During the Processing of Another Case
      the Owner Submits Fraudulent Documentation.
HW    Tenant's Application for Rent Reduction
      Based Upon Owner's Failure to Maintain Heat
      and/or Hot Water
LD    Luxury Decontrol
LE    Apartment Exempt from Registration fee (ETPA).
LS    NYC Excused Administration Fee.
OD    Owner's Application to Change or Decrease Dwelling Space,
      Essential Services, etc. in an Occupied Apartment.
OE    Eviction From an Apartment Based on Owner Occupancy.
OH    Owner's Hardship Application for Rent Increase
OI    Owner Application for a Rent Increase Based on
      New Services, ew Equipment or Improvements
OM    (MCI) Owner Application for an Increase Based
      on a Major Capital Improvement
OR    Owner's Applicationto Restore Rent and/or
      Collect Rent Increase.
R     Tenant's Statement of Rent Overcharge
      and/or Excess Security Deposit.
RC    Recontrol
RE    Owner MBR Re-Entry
RK    Requests for Reconsideration of an Order
      Issued by a Rent Administrator Based
      on an Irregularity in a Vital Matter.
RO    Owner's Petition for Administrative Review.
RP    Court or PAR Unit Remand back for Further Processing.
RR    Owner's Restructured Rent Increase
RT    Tenant's Petition for Administrative Review
RV    Tenant's Complaint of Owner's Failure to
      Renew a Lease.
S     Tenant's Application for Rent Reduction
      Based Upon Decreased Services for Individual
SD    Owner's Report of Vacancy Decontrol.
TA    Initial Legal Regulated Rent Challenge Filed by Tenant.
TC    Challenge to Registration Filed by Tenant.
TS    Tenant Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (ETPA)
UC    Owner Exemption Determination
UO    Rent Controlled Registration Update Filed by Owner.
US    Rent Controlled Registration Update by HDP
UT    Rent Controlled Registration Update by Tenant.
X     Tax Abatement

Some additional codes

BC    MBR Challenge
FW    Fuel Cost Waiver
G     Overcharge Filed Under Cab(G)
MR    Tenant RC Rent Correction
MT    Multi-tier Rent Orders
NC    Non-Compliance
OP    Owner Prior Opinion Rent Increase to MCI
P     Owner Report of Lease (not NYC)
RN    RN-14 Application
T     Overcharge Filed Under Cab(T)
U     Registration Update

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