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                   A publication of New York State
               Division of Housing and Community Renewal
                      Office of Rent Administration

                   ETPA Fact Sheet #3 - Lease Renewal
                             [Revised 1/95]

     Tenants in residence have the right to select a lease renewal for a one or
two year term.  The owner must offer notice of renewal by certified mail or
personal delivery on lease renewal forms, Owner's Notice To Tenant for Renewal
of Lease, [DHCR form RTP-8 Outside NYC] not more than 120 days and not less
than 90 days before the existing lease expires.

       The owner may charge the tenant a County Rent Guidelines Board
authorized adjustment based on the length of the renewal lease term selected
by the tenant. For example, the guidelines adjustments for renewal leases (for
buildings providing heat and hot water) determined by the Westchester Rent
Guidelines Board effective from October 1, 1990 until September 30, 1991 are
4% for a one year lease renewal and 7% for a two year lease renewal.  A rent
increase would be computed as follows:

Example 1:  A tenant in an ETPA apartment in Westchester with a rent of $500
decides to renew their lease for a one year term.

            $500 (old rent) x .04 = $20 (rent increase)
            New rent will be $520

Example 2:  A tenant in an ETPA apartment in Westchester with a rent of $450
decides to renew their lease for a two year term.

            $450 (old rent) x .07 = $31.50
            New rent will be $481.50

     For applicable guideline rates for lease renewals, contact your local DHCR
office in Nassau, Westchester, or Rockland counties.

50 Clinton St. 6th Fl.
Hempstead, NY   11550
(516) 481-9494

94-96 North Main St.
Spring Valley, NY 10977
(914) 425-6575

55 Church St.
White Plains, NY  10601
(914) 948-4434

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