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       ETPA Fact Sheet #2 - Maintenance and Operations Cost Survey
                             [Revised 1/95]

     Each year, owners of all housing accommodations subject to ETPA must
complete and certify a "Property Maintenance and Operations Cost Survey
Schedule."   DHCR policy research and analysis staff members use the Surveys
to tabulate the changes in owner's cost and income from year to year.  These
tabulations are used by the County Rent Guidelines Boards to determine rent

     The filing of this Survey does not satisfy an owner's responsibility to
annually register all of the apartments subject to the ETPA with the Division
of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). Both requirements, the Survey and
Registration, must be satisfied for the owner to legally collect the guideline

     Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland County Rent Guidelines Boards have
generally held that when an owner fails to file the completed Survey in a
timely manner, they may not be eligible to collect guideline increases for the
following lease term.  All information on the Surveys is kept confidential,
unless the owner indicates otherwise.

     The County Boards generally require that the owner forward one copy of the
Survey to DHCR within 45 days of receipt by Certified Mail Return Receipt

The "D-1"  List

     If an owner fails to return the completed survey to DHCR, that owner's
name is added to the "D" list.  That listing means that without a legally
acceptable reason for failing to submit the Survey, the owner may be
ineligible for guideline rent increases.

The "B-2" List

     Late filing of the Survey will place an owner on the "B-2" list.  By
filing late, an owner may also forfeit guidelines rent increases.

     For more information or assistance, call or visit your local District Rent

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