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                   A publication of New York State
               Division of Housing and Community Renewal
                      Office of Rent Administration

              ETPA Fact Sheet #1 - Rent Guildelines Boards
                             [Revised 1/95]

     The Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974 (ETPA) provides
for the establishment of County Rent Guidelines Boards presently
located in Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland counties.  These
Guideline Boards independently set the maximum allowable rates
for rent adjustments effective October 1st each year for renewal
and vacancy leases in ETPA apartments.

     Each Board consists of nine members appointed by the
Commissioner of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal
(DHCR) based on recommendations from the Board of Legislators of
each county.  The members include two tenant representatives, two
owner representatives and five public members with at least five
years experience in finance, economics or housing.  The
Commissioner selects the Chair of each Board from among the
public members.

     The Boards serve part-time, meeting throughout the year to
review cost and the availability of financing, cost of living
indices and other relevant factors to arrive at the annual
guidelines for rent adjustments. They also consider:  the
economic condition of the residential real estate industry
including current and projected real estate taxes, supply of
housing, vacancy rates, sewer and water rates, and gross
operating maintenance costs (e.g. insurance rates, governmental
fees, fuel and labor costs). DHCR policy research and analysis
staff members provide additional information to Board members
upon request.

     For more information or assistance, call or visit your local
rent offices.

50 Clinton St. 6th Fl.
Hempstead, NY   11550
(516) 481-9494

94-96 North Main St.
Spring Valley, NY 10977
(914) 425-6575

55 Church St.
White Plains, NY  10601
(914) 948-4434

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