DHCR Petition for Administrative Review (PAR) Decisions
In 1994, under pressure from tenant advocates, DHCR released approximately 6,000 PAR decisions. After Governor Pataki took office in 1995, DHCR refused to release other decisions in bulk. These decisions generally cover the 1990-1994 period and in many cases do not reflect current law or DHCR practice. The reader is cautioned to be aware of changes to the Rent Stabilization Law, the Rent Stabilization Code and DHCR practice since 1994. Also this database does not include all decisions prior to 1994 as DHCR intentionally withheld many decisions for unknown reasons.

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Files average 1 megabyte each                Dockets  AD120349-RO   to   BL430210-RO                Dockets  BA410148-RT   to   BG610017-RO                Dockets  BA110207-RT   to   BL610362-RO                Dockets  BA210017-RO   to   CF710229-RO                Dockets  CA110137-RO   to   CL710056-RO                Dockets  CA110084-RT   to   DE410443-RT                Dockets  DA110060-RT   to   DL930137-RT                Dockets  DA110210-RO   to   EI710096-RO                Dockets  EA110240-RT   to   EL820013-RO                Dockets  EA110242-RT   to   FL630149-RO                Dockets  FA110009-RT   to   FL630136-RO                Dockets  F1410362-RT   to   GL910037-RO                Dockets  FA110008-RO   to   GL620182-RO                Dockets  GA110121-RO   to   HL430013-RP                Dockets  CG110014-RO   to   IH220008-RT

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