Docket No. GK120176RO
                                    STATE OF NEW YORK
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                               JAMAICA, NEW YORK  11433

          APPEAL OF                               DOCKET NO. GK120176RO 
                                                  DISTRICT RENT
                                                  NO. FH120707R


               On November 23, 1992, the above-named landlord filed a 
          petition for administrative review of an order issued on November 
          6, 1992 by a Rent Administrator concerning the housing 
          accommodation known as Apartment 1F, 108-24 71th Avenue, Forest 
          Hills, New York.

               The Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in the 
          record relevant to the issues raised by the administrative appeal.

               The Administrator issued an order on October 31, 1988 under 
          Docket No. BK110002AD which established the subject apartment's 
          maximum rents effective from August 1, 1970 through January 1, 

               On November 30, 1988, the subject tenant filed a petition for 
          administrative review of the above-mentioned order.

               The Commissioner issued an order on July 25, 1990 under Docket 
          No. CK110175RT which granted the tenant's petition and modified the 
          maximum rents which were established in the aforementioned order 
          issued under Docket No. BK110002AD.  Furthermore, the above- 
          mentioned Commissioner's order directed the landlord "to refund to 
          the tenant any rent collected in excess of the maximum rent 
          established herein within 30 days of the issuance of this order."

               The subject tenant filed an overcharge complaint, dated 
          September 4, 1990, with the rent agency.  In her complaint, the 
          subject tenant alleged, among other things, that the excess rents 
          collected by the subject landlord should be refunded to the subject 
          tenant in the total amount of $12,143.82.

          Docket No. GK120176RO

               In the order under review herein, issued under Docket No. 
          FH120707R, the Administrator noted that the issue of the rent 
          overcharge has been resolved in the aforementioned order issued 
          under Docket No. CK110175RT.  Furthermore, the Administrator stated 
          that the subject tenant "is entitled to overcharges effective Nov. 
          2, 1987; two years prior to the filing of Docket No. BK-110002-AD."

               In its petition the landlord asserts, among other things, that 
          as the tenant's overcharge complaint in this proceeding was filed 
          on September 4, 1990 the landlord should only refund rent 
          overcharges from September 4, 1988, which was two years prior to 
          the filing of the tenant's overcharge complaint, and that the 
          subject landlord has already refunded rent overcharges from 
          November, 1987.

               After careful consideration, the Commissioner finds that the 
          subject landlord's petition should be granted in part.

               If the subject landlord refuses to refund to the subject 
          tenant rents collected in excess of the maximum rents, or if any 
          amount to be refunded to the subject tenant is in dispute, the 
          Commissioner finds that the subject tenant's remedy is to commence 
          an action against the landlord in any court of competent 
          jurisdiction, pursuant to the provisions contained in Section 
          2206.8 of the City Rent and Eviction Regulations.

               The Commissioner finds that the subject landlord's petition is 
          granted in part solely to the extent that the Administrator's order 
          under review herein should be modified by deleting the following 
          language:  "Tenant is entitled to overcharges effective Nov. 2, 
          1987; two years prior to the filing of Docket No. BK-110002-AD."  
          The Commissioner further finds that the remainder of the 
          Administrator's order under review herein should not be disturbed.

               THEREFORE, in accordance with the City Rent and Rehabilitation 
          law and the Rent and Eviction Regulations, it is

               ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, 
          granted in part, and that the Administrator's order, issued under 
          Docket No. FH120707R, be, and the same hereby is, modified in 
          accordance with this Order and Opinion.


                                             Lula M. Anderson
                                             Deputy Commissioner

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