Docket No. FJ 910080-RO
                                 STATE OF NEW YORK 
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                              JAMAICA, NEW YORK  11433

          APPEAL OF                               DOCKET NO.: FJ910080RO

                                                  DISTRICT RENT
                                                  ADMINISTRATOR'S DOCKET
          David Associates                        NO.: YFD910023S


                              FOR FURTHER CONSIDERATION

              The above-named petitioner-owner filed a petition for 
          Administrative Review (PAR) appealing an order issued by the Rent 
          Administrator of the White Plains District Rent Office concerning 
          the housing accommodation known as 185 Bronx River Road, Apartment 
          3D, Yonkers, New York, wherein the Administrator determined the 
          tenant's complaint regarding diminution of elevator service.

              The basis of the tenant's complaint, which was dated March 12, 
          1991, was a claim that both elevators in the buildings were out-of- 
          service due to a fire.  The owner did not deny that a fire 
          temporarily rendered both of the buildings' elevators completely 
          inoperative.  However, the owner established, by documentary 
          evidence consisting of the City of Yonkers Elevator Certificate 
          reflecting an inspection of the elevator on March 21, 1991, that 
          the south elevator was placed back in service.  The owner also 
          indicated that work was proceeding expeditiously on the second 
          elevator, and that, in the meantime, the owner was providing the 
          tenants with an alternative service, in that an individual was 
          hired for the purpose of assisting tenants in going up the 
          staircase, carrying their packages, and otherwise assisting the 

              Subsequently, the Administrator issued an order determining 
          that the owner had failed to maintain required service and 
          temporarily reduced the tenant's rent from December 1, 1990 through 
          March 31, 1991.

              The petitioner requests that the Administrator's order be 
          reversed, on the grounds that the owner had made a prompt, good 

          Docket No. FJ 910080-RO

          faith effort to rectify the emergency situation in a brief period, 
          and that, in fact, the services were restored.

              The petitioner also contends that the Administrator erred in 
          imposing a rent reduction for the period prior to service of the 
          tenant's complaint on the  owner.  The petitioner points out that 
          as rent reductions are limited to the period commencing the first 
          of the month after the owner received transmittal of the tenant's 
          complaint, no rent reduction was warranted as services were 
          restored March 21, 1991.

              After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion 
          that the petition for Administrative Review should be granted, in 

              It is generally DHCR policy that a temporary service reduction 
          resulting from an emergency situation, which an owner makes prompt 
          good faith efforts to rectify, will not result in a rent reduction.  
          In addition, Policy Statement 90-2: Failure to Maintain Services, 
          Rent Reduction/Restoration, provides that, if prior to inspection, 
          the owner has restored services referred to in the tenant's 
          complaint, there is generally no rent reduction.

              The record reflects the owner's good faith efforts to expedite 
          the reconstruction and replacement of the fire damaged elevators.  
          However, the owner's statement below that work was proceeding 
          expeditiously to restore service in the second elevator constituted 
          an admission that, in fact, services were not, fully restored.  Nor 
          has the owner indicated on appeal that repairs to the second 
          elevator were completed.  Consequently, the PAR decisions cited by 
          the owner, to the effect that a temporary service reduction 
          resulting from an emergency situation which an owner made prompt 
          good faith efforts and did rectify the service reduction, and 
          Policy Statement 90-2, are not applicable to these proceedings.

              The petitioner is correct, however, that the Administrator 
          erred by imposing a rent reduction for the period prior to service 
          of the tenant's complaint on the owner.  Consequently, the 
          Administrator's order must be revoked, and the matter remanded to 
          the Administrator for reconsideration.

              On remand, the Administrator shall provide the owner the 
          opportunity to present evidence that repairs have been completed, 
          and shall ascertain the period, if any, the tenant was entitled to 
          rent reductions.  In determining whether the service reductions 
          warranted a rent reduction, the Administrator shall permit the 
          owner to establish that its efforts to complete repairs constituted 
          good faith expeditious measures by industry standards and 
          practices.  The owner shall be given the opportunity to supplement 
          the record to date.  The Administrator shall also take into 
          consideration the owner's effort to ameliorate the loss of use of 
          the elevators by the hiring of temporary additional building staff.  

          Docket No. FJ 910080-RO

          If necessary for a determination, a hearing may be scheduled.  On 
          remand, the Administrator may consolidate this proceeding with 
          other similar proceedings concerning the subject building 
          addressing the  identical issue.

              THEREFORE, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the 
          Tenant Protection Regulation, the Emergency Tenant Protection Act 
          of 1974, and Chapter 403, Laws of 1983, as amended by Chapter 102, 
          Laws of 1984, it is

              ORDERED, that the owner's petition be granted in part, that the 
          Administrator's order be revoked and  that the matter be remanded 
          to the Administrator for further consideration, in accordance with 
          the above.


                                             Joseph A. D'Agosta
                                             Deputy Commissioner


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