New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal

          Inter-Office Correspondence

          To             District Rent Office/Processing Unit

          From           Administrative Review Bureau

          Subject        Remand Order

                         Administrative Appeal Docket No. FB 210149-RT
                         D.R.O. Docket No. CC 230059-OM
                         Subject Premises: 2201 EAST 17th  STREET, APT. 8
                         BROOKLYN, NEW YORK  

               This proceeding was remanded:

               (  )  1)  Because District Office file was not received by us 
          in time to decide the matter within statutory or court imposed 
          deadlines.  The original order should be affirmed, revoked, 
          modified or corrected after consideration of claims made and/or new 
          evidence submitted or offered on appeal  (See the "D.R.O. Copy" of 
          our final order, and all attachments, that accompanies this memo.)

               (  )  2)  For a hearing to be held, by the Hearing Bureau. 
          Your file has been transferred to the Hearing Bureau and this memo 
          and "D. R. O. Copy" of our order is sent to you for your 
          information and records.

               (X )  3)  For the reasons specified below:                   
                         Either a DHCR inspection or obtain a
          statement from the tenant that all necessary repairs have been 


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