GERTZ PLAZA
                     92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                     JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433
APPEALS OF                              DOCKET NO.:
                                        FG 130299-RT
       42-15 43RD AVENUE                RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                        DOCKET NO.:
                        PETITIONER      EK 130045-B

On July 23, 1991, various tenants of the subject building filed a
petition for administrative review of an order issued on June 24,
1991, by a Rent Administrator concerning the building known as 42-
15  43rd  Avenue, Sunnyside, New York wherein the  tenants'  rent
reduction  application  was  denied and  the  owner  directed  to
restore  service based on a finding that the building is operated
by a court appointed receiver.

The  Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in the  record
and  has carefully considered that portion relevant to the issues
raised by the petition for review.

On November 16, 1990 the subject tenants filed an application for
rent  reductions based on the owner's alleged failure to maintain
services   alleging  that  an  elevator  in  the   building   was
"chronically out of order".

The  owner interposed an answer to the tenants' complaint wherein
it  submitted evidence that the property was being operated by  a
court appointed receiver.

On January 25, 1991 a physical inspection of the subject building
was  carried out by the Division of Housing and Community Renewal
(DHCR).   The  inspector, in his report, noted that one  elevator
was out of order.

In  their petition for administrative review the tenants  request
reversal  of the Rent Administrator's order alleging  that  there
exists  no  legal basis for denying the tenants' application  for
rent reductions.

After  careful consideration the Commissioner is of  the  opinion
that this petition should be granted and the Rent Administrator's
order should be modified to order a rent reduction.

The  Commissioner  finds that there is no basis  for  excusing  a
court  appointed receiver from a rent reduction that is otherwise

The  Rent Stabilization Code [Section 2520.6(i)] defines an owner

         "A fee owner, lessor, sublessor, assignee, net
          lessee  or a proprietary lessee . . . or  any
          other  person or entity receiving or entitled
          to  receive rent for the use or occupation at
          any housing accommodation . . . "
As an entity entitled to receive rent, a Court appointed receiver
is within the definition of an owner.

Section  2523.4  of the Code provides for a rent reduction,  upon
application  by a tenant, based on a finding that the  owner  has
failed  to  maintain  required services.  Required  services  are
defined  in Section 2520.6(r) to include elevator services.   The
physical inspection in this case confirmed that the elevator  was
out  of order and the tenants requested a rent reduction in their
complaint.  Accordingly, the Administrator erred in not  ordering
a  rent  reduction.  The rent is hereby reduced for  all  tenants
whose name appears on the Appendix A attached hereto to the level
in  effect  prior  to  the  last rent  guideline  increase  which
commenced before the effective date of this rent reduction.   The
effective  date is December 1, 1990, the first rent  payment  day
after DHCR informed the owner of the tenants' complaint.

Similarly,  the Rent and Eviction Regulations [Section 2200.2(h)]
define a landlord as an;

         "owner, lessor, sublessor, assignee
          or  other  person receiving  or  entitled  to
          receive  rent   for the use and occupancy  of
          any housing accommodation . . .",
a definition that would encompass a receiver.

Section  2202.16 of the regulations authorizes a  rent  reduction
based  on  a finding that there has been a decrease in  essential
services  which  are  defined  in Section  2200.3(b)  to  include
elevator service. Accordingly, for all rent controlled tenants in
the  building  (Appendix B) as well the  maximum  legal  rent  is
hereby  reduced by 13% of the maximum collectible rent per  month
effective  August 1, 1991, the first rent payment  day  following
the issue date of the Administrator's order.

The  owner/landlord  is directed to refund  to  the  tenants  all
amounts  collected  in  excess of the  reduced  rent,  since  the
effective  dates  of the rent reductions.  If the  owner/landlord
fails to make a refund within thirty (30) days of this order, the
tenant  is  authorized to deduct the amount from  future  rent(s)
until  the total amount has been refunded.  No rent increase  may
be  collected after the effective dates of this order  until  the
DHCR issues an order restoring rents.

THEREFORE,  in  accordance with the Rent  Stabilization  Law  and
Code, and the Rent and Eviction Regulations for New York City,
it is,

ORDERED,  that this petition be, and the same hereby is,  granted
and  that the Rent Administrator's order be, and the same  hereby
is, modified to order the rent reductions provided herein.


                                      JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                      Acting Deputy Commissioner

                           APPENDIX A
                      (Stabilized Tenants)
Tenant                                  Apt.           Tenant              Apt.

C. Xenias                C-18           J. Leonard          A-11

R. Lynch                 F-8            O. Melichian        B-26

M. Sesin                 1-A            M. J. Herman        D-9

B. Britz                 F-21           J. Behr             F-10

J. Hawkins               C-14           J. Cardenas         E-8

M. Khanuis               B-2            S. Josefsberg       E-19

I. Khanuis               E-27           R. Gillette         F-18

E. Przyziaznuik          B-15           W. Verbesky         C-5

R. Sanz                  A-9            K. Katona           D-23

R. Oliver                F-10           S. Matosian         E-23

H. Kramer                B-27           V. Apelian          E-18

S. McCormack             B-4            C. Rendon           E-21

J. Prelorentzos          B-25           A. M. Kenney        C-16

A. Reyes                 E-11           J. Mera             F-25

E. Gismero               F-7            A. Gismero          E-5

                           APPENDIX B

                    (Rent Controlled Tenants)


Tenant                                  Apt.           Tenant              Apt.

E. Cadavid               A-2            M. Morton           D-7

A. Torrice               A-4            P. Rosenfield       D-8

E. & P. Farkas           A-5            J. Tarnoff          E-1

P. Levitz                A-7            L. Zwiegenbaum      E-2

W. Quensel               A-8            S. Handelman        E-3

E. DanK                  B-3            B. Pekor            E-4

G. Harmon                B-7            B. Herrman          E-9

L. Navarro               B-8            M. Tancsik          F-1

H. Stoffman              B-9            E. Culkin           F-2

A. Morales               C-1            L. Klein            F-3

H. Danielowitz           C-2            W. Rowe             F-4

A. Nastasi               C-4            M. Lyons            F-5

A. Mulligan              C-7            G. Stauder          F-6

R. Domroe                C-8            S. Wolf             F-9

R. Zarvos                D-2            B. Aufang           A-15

S. Levine                D-5            T. Gougounis        A-18

J. Strenger              A-19           S. Nager            A-20

M. Weiss                 A-22           R. Katz             A-23

A. Ganzekaufer           B-11           H. Humphreys        B-14

H. Glass                                                              B-16


                    APPENDIX B  -  (Cont'd.)

                    (Rent Controlled Tenants)


Tenant                                  Apt.           Tenant              Apt.

F. Adler                 B-17           M. Kombourakis      D-22

C. Barker                B-18           E. Klemens          D-27

W. J. Vince              B-19           A. Futterman        E-10

R. Chaus                 B-21           D. Bales            E-11

I. O'Neill               B-23           M. Gabel            E-12

P. Komarowsky            B-24           H. Pototsky         E-15

T. Andonopoulis          C-10           J. Rolnitsky        E-17

J. Scalia                C-12           S. Josefsberg       E-19

R. Chrisomalis           C-15           S.Torossian         E-20

M. Hamberg               C-17           R. Quittel          E-24

L. Frankel               C-22           C. Mecchella        E-26

H. Berns                 C-23           M. Smallwood        F-11

J. Greenberg             C-26           P. Nestor           F-12

M. Schneider             C-27           S. Vidor            F-16

J. Rosenmerkel           D-10           I. Rodgers          F-20

H. Meltzer               D-12           J. Brozdavicz       F-22

E. Rothstein             D-14           D. Shulman          F-23

M. Rosenzweiz            D-17           H. Condos           F-26

L. Zahler                D-19           T. Heatherton       F-27

O. Gross                 D-21


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