Docket Number: EL-410360.RO et al
                                 STATE OF NEW YORK
                           OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                    GERTZ PLAZA
                              92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                              JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

        APPEALS  OF                              DOCKET  NOS:  EL  410360-RO
                                                           EK 420339-RO
             THE 6465 REALTY CO.,           :  
                                               DISTRICT RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                               DOCKET   NOS:   DI   410216-S
                              PETITIONER    :              DH 420733-S

        On December 26, 1990, the above-named owner  filed  a  petition  for
        administrative review of an order issued on November 6,  1990  by  a
        Rent Administrator (under Docket No.  DI  410216-S)  concerning  the
        housing accommodations known as 160 E. 65 Street, Apartment 4B,  New
        York, New York.  

        On November 30, 1990 the above-named  owner  filed  a  petition  for
        administrative review of an order issued on November 14, 1990  by  a
        Rent Administrator (under Docket No.  DH  420733-S)  concerning  the
        above-mentioned accommodations.  The Commissioner  has  consolidated
        the proceedings herein (und r  Docket  Nos.  EL  410360-RO  and  EK-
        420339-RO) as they involve common issues of law and fact.

        The Commissioner has reviewed all the evidence in the record and has 
        carefully considered that portion of  the  record  relevant  to  the
        issues raised by the petitions for review.

        The original  proceedings  were  initiated  by  the  filing  of  two
        complaints of a diminution in individual apartment  services  (filed
        August 30, 1989 under Docket No. DH 420733-S  and  on  September  8,
        1989 under Docket No. DH 410216-S).  The tenant in  both  complaints
        alleged among other things that mildew had formed on  walls  in  the
        subject apartment.

        The owner answered asserting in substance that services  were  being
        properly maintained and that despite efforts to address the tenant's 
        complaints, access to the  subject  apartment  was  not  given  when
        asked.  The owner enclosed copies of a paint work order dated August 
        3, 1989 and a copy of a certified letter sent to the  tenant,  dated
        July 3, 1990, requesting that the tenant respond in  writing  as  to
        whether the painter would be permitted acess to  paint.   The  owner
        also asserted that a painting  would  aid  in  cure  of  the  mildew
        problem but that in response to the certified letter, the tenant had 
        orally informed the management office that she had "no interest"  in
        having her apartment painted.

        On June 7, 1990 and again on October 11,  1990  inspections  of  the
        subject accommodation were conducted by a Division  of  Housing  and
        Community Renewal  (D.H.C.R.)  inspector.   The  inspection  reports
        indicate that some walls had mildew.

        Docket Number: EL-410360.RO et al
        On November 6, 1990 the Rent Administrator issued  an  order  (under
        Docket No. DH 410216-S) finding that for the  presence  of  mildewed
        walls a service decrease had occurred in the subject apartment.  The 
        Administrator ordered a restoration  of  services  and  reduced  the
        legal regulated rent to the  level  in  effect  prior  to  the  most
        recent Guidelines adjustment effective November 1, 1989.

        On November 14, 1990 the Rent Administrator issued an  order  (under
        Docket No. DH 420733-S) finding that a service decrease had occurred 
        in the subject apartment.  The Administrator ordered  a  restoration
        of services and reduced the rent.

        In the petitions for administrative review the owner again  asserts,
        in pertinent part, that the tenant has refused to permit  access  to
        the subject apartment to make repairs.

        In her answers to the petitions for review, the tenant does not deny 
        the owner's assertion of a lack of access.

        After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion that 
        the owner's petitions should be granted and that  the  orders  under
        Docket Nos. DH 420733-S and DI 410216-S should be revoked.

        In the petitions for administrative review the  owner  asserts  that
        the tenant has denied access to the subject apartment.  The  owner's
        contention is supported by the record which reveals that on  several
        occasions the owner requested access to no avail.  More specifically 
        the owner submitted copies of  letters  (dated  June  25,  1989  and
        August 15, 1989) sent to the tenant informing her that little  could
        be accomplished without access.  The owner also submitted copies  of
        two letters (dated July 3, 1990 and  July  31,  1990)  sent  to  the
        tenant by certified mail  asserting  that  the  tenant  had  refused
        access.  The Commissioner notes that the letter dated July 31,  1990
        is not in the file of the proceeding before the Rent  Administrator,
        although the owner submits evidence on administrative review showing 
        that the letter was sent to the tenant and that a  copy  of  it  was
        sent to the  Rent  Administrator.   Furthermore,  the  tenant,  upon
        review, has not denied the owner's assertion that  she  has  refused
        access to make repairs.

        Accordingly, and based upon  the  entire  evidence  of  record,  the
        Commissioner finds that  access  to  make  repairs  in  the  subject
        apartment was denied by the tenant and that  a  rent  reduction  was
        therefore not warranted.

        THEREFORE, in accordance with the Rent Stabilization Law  and  Code,
        it is


        Docket Number: EL-410360.RO et al
        ORDERED, that these petitions be, and the same hereby are,  granted,
        and that the District Rent Administrator's orders be, and the same 
        hereby are, revoked; and it is

        FURTHER ORDERED, that if  the  owner  has  complied  with  the  Rent
        Administrator's order and there are arrears due to the  owner  as  a
        result of the instant determination, the tenant shall  be  permitted
        to pay off the arrears in twenty-four  equal  monthly  installments.
        Should the tenant vacate after the issuance of this  order  or  have
        already vacated, said arrears shall be payable immediately.


                                        ELLIOT SANDER
                                        Deputy Commissioner

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