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          APPEAL OF                                DOCKET NO.:EI410019RO     
          Melohn Properties,                       RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                                   DOCKET NO.:DF410440S      
                                                   SUBJECT PREMISES:
                                                      100 Riverside Drive
                                                      Apt. 15E
                                                      New York, NY    

                            AND REVOKING ADMINISTRATOR'S ORDER

            The above-named owner filed a timely petition for administrative 
            review of an order issued on July 31, 1990 concerning the housing 
            accommodations relating to the above-described docket number.  

            The Commissioner has reviewed all the evidence in the record and has 
            carefully considered that portion of the record relevant to the 
            issues raised by the petition.

            The tenant commenced this proceeding on June 13, 1989 by filing a 
            complaint asserting that the owner had failed to maintain certain 
            services in the subject apartment.

            In answer, the owner denied the allegations and otherwise asserted 
            without any proof that the tenant refused access to repairmen.

            On April 27, 1990, an inspection of the subject apartment was 
            conducted by a DHCR staff member who confirmed the existence of 
            defective conditions.

            DHCR mailed to the owner on June 13, 1990 a request for additional 
            information or evidence and a copy of Policy Statement (90-5) 
            "Arranging Repairs; No Access Inspections", wherein the owner was 
            required to submit to DHCR copies of two letters to the tenant 
            attempting to arrange access dates. In addition, each of the letters 
            must be mailed at least eight days before the proposed date for 
            access and the second letter must be sent by certified mail, return 
            receipt requested. The return receipt must be submitted with the 
            request for a No Access inspection. The owner was cautioned to 
            comply with these requirements within twenty (20) days from the date 
            of mailing.

            By an order dated July 31, 1990, the Administrator directed the 
            restoration of services and ordered a rent reduction.


            In this petition, the owner contends in substance that it complied 
            with Policy Statement (90-5) "Arranging Repairs; No Access 
            Inspections" priory to the issuance of the order, and attaches proof 
            of same.

            The owner submitted copies of the following:

                 (1) a June 15, 1990 certified letter to DHCR with a return 
            receipt dated June 19, 1990, concerning the tenant's refusal of 
            access, with these attachments-

                      (a) a Western Union mailgram dated June 15, 1990 to the 
            tenant proposing a June 25, 1990 access;  
                      (b) a June 15, 1990 letter (regular mail) to the tenant 
            requesting the same access date; and

                 (2) a July 11, 1990 letter to DHCR, again informing DHCR of 
            denied access, including therewith a certified letter dated June 27, 
            1990 to the tenant requesting access on July 6, 1990 and a return 
            receipt dated June 28, 1990.

            In answer, the tenant denied the allegations in the petition and 
            otherwise asserted that these papers are just for "legal show", that 
            she did not refuse access, that she did call the owner upon receipt 
            of these mailings, but that the owner would not discuss with her 
            "the nature of these repairs".

            After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion that 
            the petition should be granted and the Administrator's order 

            The record shows that the owner offered sufficient evidence prior to 
            the issuance of the Administrator's order to support the contention 
            that the tenant refused access. The Administrator failed to address 
            this evidence which was timely submitted. Accordingly, the order 
            appealed from is revoked and the petition is granted.

            The owner's rent restoration application (EI410005OR) was granted on 
            January 10, 1991.

            Rent arrears may be due the owner from the tenant as a result of 
            this Order and Opinion. Any arrears should be paid in monthly 
            installments which shall not exceed the amount of the monthly rent 
            reductions revoked herein.

            THEREFORE, in accordance with the Rent Stabilization Law and Code 
            and Operational Bulletin 84-1, it is

            ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, granted, and 
            that the Administrator's order be, and the same hereby is, revoked.


                                                  JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                                  Deputy Commissioner


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