DOCKET NUMBER: DI 130210-RT, et. al.
                                 STATE OF NEW YORK
                           OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                    GERTZ PLAZA
                              92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                              JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

     APPEAL OF                              DOCKET NOS.: DI 130210-RT &
     M & L JACOBS (owner) and            :  DJ 130338-RO (Refile of 
     SUSAN J. RODRIGUEZ and JOHN            DI 130103-RO)
     C. SZEWCZUK (tenants'
     representatives)      PETITIONER    :  DRO DOCKET NO.: CJ 130109-B


     The abovenamed petitioners, owner and tenants,  timely  filed  or  refiled
     Petitions for Administrative Review against an order issued on August  15,
     1989 by the Rent Administrator concerning the housing accommodations known 
     as 82-15 35th Avenue, Various Apartments, Jackson Heights, Queens.

     The tenants filed a multiple complaint of decreases in services  regarding
     inadequate elevator lighting,  failure  to  regularly  empty  the  garbage
     compactor  causing  fowl  odors  and  vermin  infestation  throughout  the
     building, long overdue painting of public areas and failure to  adequately
     clean public areas.

     The herein appealed order of the  Rent  Administrator  reduced  the  rents
     building-wide, by $4.00 per month for rent controlled and by  a  guideline
     for stabilized apartments, to reflect peeling paint  and  plaster  on  the
     bulkhead and basement walls.  The order also found there was  no  evidence
     of garbage accumulation in the compactor room or of foul orders or  vermin
     infestation in public areas or of dirty halklways.

     The order was based on a physical inspection conducted on May 9, 1989.

     In its petition the owner, among other  things,  urges  that  the  peeling
     paint and plaster on the basement and on the bulkhead were  minimal  items
     and did not warrant a rent reduction especially  since  the  building  was
     obviously otherwise well maintained.

     In their petition the tenants contest the  Administrator's  findings  with
     respectg to garbage accumulation, foul odors, vermin infestation and dirty 
     public areas and complain that, except for the basement and bulkhead,  the
     Administrator did not consider their complaint of lack of  painting  which
     they meant to apply to the outside as well as the inside of the  building.
     The tenants make similar allegations in response to the owner's petition.

     With their petition  the  tenants  submit  approximately  56  photographs,
     purportedly taken about a week after the issuance of  the  Administrator's
     order, of various areas of the interior and exterior of the building, 

     DOCKET NUMBER: DI 130210-RT, et. al.

     showing chipped and peeling paint, stains,  discolorations,  accumulations
     of dirt and debris, a roach crawling on a wall and an  unsecured  handrail
     near Apartments 1A & 1B.

     The Commissioner is of the opinion that hte proceedings should be remanded 
     for further processing.

     With respect to the peeling paint and plaster in the basement and  on  the
     bulkhead, which are areas wish tenants do not normally  either  occupy  or
     have reason to use, the Commissioner agrees  that  rent  reductions  would
     not have  been  warranted  if  that  was,  in  fact,  the  only  defective

     However, the evidence submitted by the tenants,  showing  some  conditions
     which it is not likely occurred in only the 3  months  subsequent  to  the
     Administrator's  physical  inspection,  costs  doubt  upon   the   general
     correctness of the instant order.

     On remand, the Administrator should reconsider the matter,  on  notice  to
     the parties, by whatever means are found useful.

     If the owner restores, or has restored, services the  Administrator  shall
     take that into consideration and adjust rents accordingly.

     THEREFORE, pursuant to the Rent Stabilization Law and Code, and  the  Rent
     and Eviction Regulations for New York City, it is

     ORDERED, that these petitions be, and the same hereby are, granted to  the
     extent of remanding  these  proceedings  to  the  Rent  Administrator  for
     further  processing  in  accord  herewith.    The   stay   of   the   Rent
     Administrator's order issued a July 11, 1990  is  continued  until  a  new
     order is issued on remand.


                                                ELLIOT SANDER
                                             Deputy Commissioner

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