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          APPEAL OF                             DOCKET NO.: DG510037RO 
                                                RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                                DOCKET NO.: CK530038B       
               Myong S. Choi,                                      

               On July 12, 1989, the above-named petitioner-owner filed a 
          petition for administrative review of an order issued on June 28, 
          1989, by the Rent Administrator, concerning the housing 
          accommodation known as 51 West 46th Street, New York, New York, 
          wherein the Administrator reduced the rents of rent controlled 
          tenants based on a finding of a reduction of services.

               The subject premises consists of eleven (11) units.  One 
          tenant commenced the proceedings by filing a complaint asserting 
          that the owner had eliminated the premises' garbage cans and 
          storage facilities.  Specifically, the tenant stated that the owner 
          had demolished an enclosure adjacent to the building, and had 
          removed the trash cans located there.

               The owner essentially confirmed the tenant's allegation.  The 
          owner responded that the structure was removed because it was 
          frequented by vagrants and loiterers who created unsanitary 
          conditions, and who occasionally harassed and threatened the 
          tenants.  Several tenants submitted signed statements confirming 
          the owner's claims, and set forth their support for the owner's 
          action, noting that it had eliminated the harassment the tenants 
          were formerly subjected to.

               The owner and the various tenants also asserted that  disposal 
          of garbage was not a problem, as there was a public trash bin at 
          the curb, a short distance from the premises, and that trash was 
          picked up six (6) days a week.

               The owner also stated that the tenant had discarded the trash 
          can he offered the tenant for use in the tenant's apartment, at the 
          suggestion of a DHCR Enforcement Bureau staff member.


               On June 28, 1989 the Administrator issued an order that 
          directed the owner to restore services and further ordered that 
          rents for rent-controlled tenants be reduced by $6.00 per month, 
          based on the results of an inspection conducted on May 11, 1989 
          that found that no garbage cans were supplied, and that no space 
          was provided for storage of garbage.  

               The owner's appeal essentially reiterates and resubmits the 
          record below.

               Section 27-2021 and 27-2020 of the New York City Housing 
          Maintenance Code prescribes the requirements for the collection and 
          storage of trash for multiple dwelling units.  At a minimum, the 
          owner is required to provide and maintain no less that two 
          receptacles sufficient to contain the trash accumulation for the 
          premises, accessible to the tenants either in the morning between 
          the hours of seven a.m. and ten a.m., or in the evening, between 
          five p.m. and eight p.m..  As an alternative, pick-up service at 
          each dwelling unit is expressly permitted.

               There is no dispute that services were reduced.  While there 
          is no requirement under either the Rent and Eviction Regulations or 
          the City Housing Maintenance Code, that demand that the owner 
          rebuild and restore the trash enclosure structure, the owner is 
          required to provide for the collection and storage of trash, in 
          accordance with the applicable provisions of the City Housing 
          Maintenance Code as cited above.

               Consequently, the Administrator's rent reduction order was 
          correct and should be affirmed.

               THEREFORE, in accordance with the Rent and Eviction 
          Regulations  for New York, and the City Rent Control Law, it is,

               ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, denied 
          and that the Rent Administrator's order be, and the same hereby is, 


                                                  Joseph A. D'Agosta         
                                                  Deputy Commissioner        


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