AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.
                                  STATE OF NEW YORK
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                               JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

          APPEAL OF                              DOCKET NOS.: DE 430265-RO;
                                                              EE 530058-RO;
                                                              EI 530061-RO;
                                                              EE 520128-RT;
                                                              EE 510191-RT;
             PINEHURST PARTNERS                               EE 520146-RT;
                   AND                                        EL 520223-RT;
             VARIOUS TENANTS,                                 FD 520095-RT
                                                 DISTRICT RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                                 DOCKET NOS.: ZCH 530032-B;
                                                              ZDG 530150-OR;
                                                              ZDF 530117-B;
                                                              ZEE 530225-OR;
                                                              ZDD 530045-B;
                                                              ZEE       530078-OR
                                 AND RECONSIDERATION

          This order is issued pursuant to the Commissioner's  determination
          dated November 4, 1991 granting the owner's request for  reopening
          and reconsideration of the above captioned  Administrative  Review
          Order and Opinion dated September 20, 1991.

          During the  course  of  processing,  several  overlapping  orders,
          resolving the tenants' service complaints  and  the  owner's  rent
          restoration applications,  were  issued,  and  were  appealed  by,
          respectively, the owner and the tenants.

          A PAR order issued on May 7, 1991 which attempted to  resolve  the
          various PAR proceedings (Dockets Nos. DE-430265-RO;  EF-520128-RT;
          EE-510191-RT;   EE-520146-RT;   EE-530058-RO;   EI-530061-RO)   by
          reviewing the history of  the  physical  inspections  made  during
          processing of the overlapping and  conflicting  service  complaint
          orders and rent restoration order.  The order determined that  the
          last physical inspection on November 21, 1990 and  the  last  rent
          reduction order should be controlling as to all prior  outstanding
          orders and modified the Administrator's  order  to  reinstate  the


          AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.

          initial monthly rent reductions for both stabilized and controlled 
          tenants.  On September 20, 1991, an amended order was issued, upon 
          the tenants' request, to include PAR Docket Nos. EL-520223-RT  and

          In the instant determination, considered pursuant to  the  owner's
          request for reopening and reconsideration, the Commissioner is  of
          the opinion that the owner's  and  tenants'  petitions  should  be
          granted in part as more fully set forth below.                    

          The owner's Petition for Administrative Review (PAR) under  Docket
          No. DF-430265-RO challenges the service reduction order issued  on
          April 27, 1989 under Docket No.  CH-530032-B,  which  reduced  the
          tenants' rents for controlled tenants effective May  1,  1989  and
          for stabilized tenants effective October  1,  1988,  based  on  an
          inspection conducted on February 22, 1989 that confirmed a lack of 
          storage space, an inoperative front door knob, peeling  paint  and
          plaster in the public areas and an inoperative elevator.   In  the
          appeal the owner argues that storage space was discontinued at the 
          direction  of  the  Fire  Department,  and  that,  therefore,  the
          Administrator was constrained from ordering the owner  to  restore
          the service and to impose rent reductions, that the  condition  of
          the front doors was the result  of  vandalism,  that  the  peeling
          paint and plaster did not constitute decreased  services  and  did
          not affect all tenants, and that new elevator equipment was  being
          installed  on  the  date  of  inspection,   accounting   for   the
          inoperative elevator.

          The tenants' Petitions for Administrative Review under Docket Nos. 
          EE-520128-RT, EE-520146-RT and EE  510191-RT  challenge  the  rent
          restoration order issued on April 20, 1990, under Docket No. 
          DG-530150-OR, restoring rents previously reduced under the  Docket
          No. CH-530032-B.   Rents  were  restored  for  controlled  tenants
          effective  May  1,  1990  and  for  stabilized  tenants  effective
          November 1, 1989, based on the report of  an  inspection  held  on
          January 16, 1990 that indicated that there was a storage space  in
          the basement, that the front door was self closing and had a  door
          knob, that there was no evidence of peeling paint and  plaster  in
          the public areas and that the elevator was working  properly.   In
          the appeal the tenants allege that,  in  fact,  storage  space  is
          neither available nor accessible to the tenants.

          The owner's Petition for Administrative Review  under  Docket  No.
          EE-530058-RO challenges the rent reduction order issued March  28,
          1990 under Docket No. DF-530117-B  which  reduced  the  rents  for
          controlled tenants effective April  1,  1990  and  for  stabilized
          tenants effective August 1, 1989, because storage  space  was  not
          being provided  although  the  owner  was  previously  ordered  to
          restore the service.  The owner's answer below, dated November 27, 
          1989, had stated that the owner was in the  process  of  preparing
          one room in the basement that would be acceptable to the Fire 

          AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.

          Department.   However,  on  appeal,  the  owner  argues  that  the
          Administrator was constrained from determining that storage  space
          was a required service because  the  owner  had  discontinued  the
          service at the direction of the Fire Department.

          The tenants' Petition for Administrative Review under  Docket  No.
          EL-520223-RT challenges the rent restoration order issued November 
          28, 1990 under Docket No. EE-530225-OR  restoring  the  rents  for
          controlled tenants effective December 1, 1990 and  for  stabilized
          tenants effective July 1,  1990  based  on  an  October  26,  1990
          inspection which reported a storage space in  the  basement.   The
          petitioners assert that the  tenants  are  denied  access  to  the
          storage area.

          The owner's Petition for Administrative Review  under  Docket  No.
          EI-530061-RO challenges the rent reduction order issued August  9,
          1990 under Docket No. DD-530045-B  which  reduced  the  rents  for
          controlled tenants effective September 1, 1990, and for stabilized 
          tenants effective May 1, 1989  based  on  an  inspection  held  on
          November 20, 1989 which found the building entrance and  vestibule
          doors to be defective, in that the doors were not self closing and 
          the  required  (vestibule)  door  was  not  self   locking.    The
          Administrator also determined, based  on  the  owner's  statements
          that  storage  space  had  been  discontinued  because  the   Fire
          Department found that the storage facilities  constituted  a  fire
          hazard and that the owner was in the process of preparing  a  room
          that would be acceptable to the Fire Department, that the  tenants
          were being deprived of storage space service.  On appeal the owner 
          argues that the Administrator's rent reduction  order  herein  was
          inconsistent with the decision under Docket No. DG-530150-OR which 
          restored rents effective  November  1,  1989,  previously  reduced
          under Docket No. CH-530032-B.  The petitioner also argues that the 
          rent reduction for lack of storage space was improper as there had 
          been no finding that storage space was a required service for  all
          or some of the tenants.

          The tenants' Petition for Administrative Review under  Docket  No.
          FD-520095-RT challenges the rent restoration order issued March 6, 
          1991  under  Docket  No.  EI-530078-OR  restoring  the  rent   for
          controlled tenants effective April  1,  1991  and  for  stabilized
          tenants effective February 1, 1991, based on an inspection held on 
          November 21, 1990, which revealed that the building vestibule door 
          was self-closing and self-locking,  and  that  storage  space  was
          provided in the basement.  The owner was given the opportunity  to
          and did repair a loose vestibule door knob prior to the  date  the
          order was issued.

          The tenants challenge the order arguing that, while storage  space
          is provided, the tenants are denied access, as the tenants must go 
          through the superintendent, who does not live on the premises  and
          is frequently unavailable.  The petitioners point out that an 

          AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.

          inspection is inadequate to resolve  the  issue  of  access.   The
          petitioners also assert  that  the  entrance  and  vestibule  door
          problems previously noted reoccur periodically.

          Section 2520.6(r) of the Rent Stabilization Code defines  required
          services as those services furnished or required to  be  furnished
          to the continuously stabilized housing tenants on May 31, 1968 and 
          all additional  services  provided  or  required  to  be  provided
          thereafter.  Section 2200.3 of the Rent  &  Eviction  Regulations,
          defining  essential  services  for  controlled  tenants,  contains
          similar provisions.

          The record suggests that  the  owner  provided  storage  space  to
          tenants in the past, and that no tenant was  denied  the  service.
          Accordingly, the storage space constitutes a building-wide service 
          which the owner is required to provide on request.  Therefore, the 
          the owner's argument that the Administrator was  constrained  from
          ordering the owner to reinstall  the  service  and  from  imposing
          rent reduction must be dismissed as being without logic or  merit.
          The fact that the Fire  Department  determined  that  the  storage
          facilities,  as  provided  or  utilized,  did  not   comply   with
          applicable fire ordinances, did not operate to discontinue storage 
          space as a service provided to the tenants.  Rather,  it  mandated
          the  owner  to  provide  the  service  in  conformity   with   the
          regulations.  While the  owner  need  not  provide  the  identical
          space, the owner remains responsible to provide the service on the 
          same basis as before.   The  owner  is  correct  that  items  that
          represent a fire hazard may be removed.

          Concerning the effective dates for imposing  rent  reductions  and
          rent  restorations,  rent-control  provisions  provide  that  rent
          reductions may be granted to tenants for each reduction in service 
          prospectively as of the first date the rent is due  following  the
          issuance  of  each  order.   Rent  restorations  likewise  operate
          prospectively.  No more than one rent reduction may be  authorized
          for an identical condition previously enumerated and which is  not
          extinguished.   The   Administrator   may   grant   partial   rent
          restorations  to  controlled  tenants  until  all   services   are

          For  rent   stabilized   tenants,   rent   reductions   and   rent
          restorations are effective the first rent payment  date  following
          service of the complaint or  application  on  the  adverse  party.
          Where an order is already in effect for any  service  decrease  no
          further rent reduction is authorized.  The owner  may  not  demand
          nor collect any rent increase from rent stabilized  tenants  until
          the Administrator determines that all services are restored. 

          It is further noted that rent controlled tenants may  be  entitled
          to rent reductions even if they did not sign the complaint.  

          AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.

          Stabilized  tenants  can  apply  to  the  Administrator  for  rent

          Concerning the lack of adequate storage  space,  the  Commissioner
          notes that the Administrator's April 20, 1990 order  under  Docket
          No. DG-530150-OR restored rents for stabilized  tenants  effective
          November 1, 1989.  However, the owner's answer dated November  27,
          1989 to the tenants' complaint under Docket No. DF-530117-B stated 
          that the owner was in the process of preparing  one  room  in  the
          basement  for  storage  that  will  be  acceptable  to  the   Fire
          Department.   The  owner's  statement   in   the   contemporaneous
          proceedings constituted an admission that, in fact, storage  space
          was not provided until after November 27, 1989.  The  January  16,
          1990 inspection under  Docket  No.  DG-530150-OR  did  reveal  the
          presence of a storage space, as well as a functioning elevator and 
          no evidence of peeling paint and plaster.  Based on  the  complete
          record of overlapping proceedings, the Administrator  should  have
          terminated the rent reductions imposed effective October  1,  1988
          for stabilized tenants, by the first rent payment  date  following
          the January 16, 1990 inspection that corroborated the  restoration
          of storage space.  The rent restoration date under Docket N .  DG-
          530150-OR is therefore amended to be effective February 1, 1990.

          For rent controlled  tenants,  the  effective  date  of  the  rent
          reductions and the rent restorations, operate prospectively as  of
          the first rent payment date following the issuance of the  orders.
          Rent reductions were properly imposed  effective May 1, 1989,  and
          the owner became entitled to rent restoration,  effective  May  1,

          The tenants' objection that the availability or access to  storage
          space was restricted was  not  addressed.   The  proceedings  are,
          therefore, remanded to the Administrator to  ascertain  if  access
          and availability were restricted so as to constitute  a  reduction
          in service in view of past practice.  If the  Administrator  finds
          disparity between past and present practices with regard to access 
          to and availability of storage space, further rent reductions  may
          be warranted subsequent to January 31, 1991  for  rent  stabilized
          tenants, and subsequent to  April  30,  1990  for  rent-controlled
          Concerning the  defective  front  door  and  vestibule  door,  the
          Commissioner notes that t e  November  20,  1989  inspection  (DD-
          530045-B)   found   the   equipment   to   be   defective.     The
          Administrator's order under Docket  No.  EI-530078-OR  established
          that most services had been restored at the time of  the  November
          21, 1990 inspection; the owner was advised to  and  did  repair  a
          loose vestibule door knob thereafter.  Based on the  November  21,
          1990 inspection which revealed substantial repairs  to  have  been
          undertaken, the Administrator's order under Docket N .  EI-530078-
          OR is affirmed.  As a result of  the  overlapping  rent  reduction
          proceedings concerning storage space and defective entrance and 

          AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.

          vestibule doors, rent reductions for stabilized tenants  continued
          through              January               31,               1991.
          The Commissioner affirms the Administrator's  orders  below  which
          imposed rent reductions for rent controlled tenants for  defective
          front door and vestibule door  equipment  effective  May  1,  1989
          through  April  30,  1990  (CH-530032-B/DG-530150-OR),  and   from
          September 1, 1990 through March 3 ,  1991  (DD-530045-B/EE-530078-
          OR).  The records reveal no errors, and no overlap between the two 
          rent reduction periods for these services as  to  rent  controlled
          With regard to the owner's suggestion that the  condition  of  the
          elevator and peeling paint and plaster in public  areas,  reported
          below were not rent impairing violations, the  Commissioner  finds
          that  the  Administrator  properly  determined   that   the   both
          controlled  and  stabilized  tenants   were   entitled   to   rent
          reductions.  The  Commissioner  notes  that  defective  conditions
          continued to exist or had reoccurred five  (5)  months  after  the
          tenants filed their initial complaints.  The Commissioner  rejects
          the arguments that these services did not affect all tenants whose 
          rents were reduced.  All tenants have  the  same  rights  to  well
          maintained,  public  area  services.   The   conditions   reported
          constituted  building-wide  reductions  of   services,   entitling
          tenants to rent reductions.  

          In summary, the Commissioner notes that the rents  were  partially
          and properly restored  for  rent  controlled  tenants  during  the
          course of the proceedings.  Rent reduction for stabilized  tenants
          continued effective October 1, 1988 through January 31, 1991,  due
          to overlapping rent reduction  orders,  until  all  services  were
          determined to have been restored. 

          THEREFORE,  in  accordance  with  the  provisions  of   the   Rent
          Stabilization Law and  Code,  and  the  New  York  City  Rent  and
          Eviction Regulations, it is

          ORDERED,  that  the  Administrator's  orders   finding   defective
          conditions as to the building entrance and  vestibule  doors,  the
          lack of storage space, inoperative elevator and peeling  paint  in
          the public areas, and reducing rent accordingly  be  affirmed,  as
          provided above, and it is further

          ORDERED, that  the  owner's  petition  for  administrative  review
          under Docket Numbers DE-430265-RO, EE-530058-RO  and  EI-530061-RO
          regarding  the  effective  dates  of  rent  reductions  and   rent
          restorations be granted, in part, and the effective dates  of  the
          rent restorations be modified  for  rent  stabilized  tenants,  as
          provided above, and it is further


          AR Docket Nos. DE 430265-RO, et al.

          ORDERED,  that  the  tenants'  petitions  regarding  the   alleged
          continued deprivation by the owner  of  access  to  storage  space
          (under Docket Numbers EE-520128-RT, EE-510191-RT, EE-520146-RT, 
          EL-520223-RT  and  FD-520095-RT)  be  granted  to  the  extent  of
          remanding  the   matter   to   the   Administrator   for   further
          consideration, in accordance with the above.


                                          ELLIOT SANDER
                                          Deputy Commissioner


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