Docket No. DC 430531-RO

                                 STATE OF NEW YORK 
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                              JAMAICA, NEW YORK  11433

          APPEAL OF                               DOCKET NO. DC 430531-RO 

                                                  DISTRICT RENT
          Kamran Hakim                            ADMINISTRATOR'SDOCKET
                                                  NO. LC 001159-FR


              On March 31, 1989, the above-named landlord timely filed a 
          petition for administrative review of an order issued on July 2, 
          1987 by a District Rent Administrator concerning various apartments 
          located at 1744 1st Avenue, New York, New York.

              This proceeding was commenced by the Rent Administrator mailing 
          to the landlord a "Notice of Suspension And Revocation of Fuel Cost 
          Adjustment (FCA) 1985," dated January 10, 1986, which stated that 
          the landlord failed to file a timely report of fuel cost adjustment 

              On July 2, 1987, the Rent Administrator issued an "Order of 
          Suspension and Revocation of Fuel Cost Adjustment(FCA) 1985."  The 
          Administrator found that the landlord who previously obtained a 
          fuel cost increase rent adjustment, failed to file a timely report 
          of fuel cost price decrease, within sixty days of promulgation of 
          the calculated decrease.  The Administrator's order revoked the 
          total accumulated fuel cost rent adjustment, effective January 1, 
          1985 through December 31, 1985.

              The landlord's petition asserts that he received two separate 
          "Notices of Commencement of Proceeding To Suspend & Revoke Fuel 

          Docket No. DC 430531-RO

          Cost Adjustment," dated January 7, 1986, under Docket No. 
          LC 001082-FR, and January 10, 1986, under Docket No. LC 001159-FR 
          (the order that is being appealed from in this proceeding).  The 
          landlord further asserts that this proceeding should be remanded to 
          issue a new order, taking into account the contents of the file 
          under Docket No. LC 001082-FR.

              To the petition the landlord attaches a copy of his answer, 
          dated January 9, 1986, under Docket No. LC 001082-FR, which stated 
          that the landlord submitted a timely report of the fuel cost price 
          decrease, but that on or about August 12, 1985 the rent agency 
          mailed the above-mentioned report back to the landlord with a note 
          requesting that the landlord make some changes and return it to the 
          rent agency.  The landlord further stated that after making the 
          requested  changes, he resubmitted it to the rent agency, and that 
          "in any event, all five rent controlled tenants in the above 
          building were served with copies of the required forms on May 14, 

              After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion 
          that this proceeding should be remanded to the Rent Administrator.

              The Commissioner notes that there are two conflicting 
          Administrator's orders pertaining to the 1985 fuel report.  The 
          Administrator's order issued on January 21, 1986, under Docket No. 
          LC 001082-FR, terminated the proceeding to suspend the fuel cost 
          adjustments, and stated that "office records indicate landlord 
          filed a timely 1985 Fuel Report."  The Commissioner also notes that 
          the record is not clear as to whether any of the rent-controlled 
          tenants received a copy of that order.  The order under review in 
          this proceeding was issued on July 2, 1987, under Docket No. 
          LC 001159-FR, and had determined that the landlord had failed to 
          file a timely fuel report.

              Accordingly, as there are two separate Administrator's orders 
          pertaining to the 1985 fuel report, with conflicting results, and 
          that it appears that the rent-controlled tenants did not have an 
          opportunity to appeal the order, issued under Docket No. LC 001082- 
          FR, the Commissioner finds that this proceeding should be remanded 
          to the Administrator for the purpose of reconciling the 
          Administrator's orders issued under Docket Nos. LC 001082-FR and 
          LC 001159-FR, and for the issuance of a new determination.

              THEREFORE, in accordance with the City Rent and Rehabilitation 
          Law and the Rent and  Eviction Regulations, it is

              ORDERED, that this proceeding be, and the same hereby is, 
          remanded to the Rent Administrator for reprocessing of the "Notice 
          of Suspension And Revocation of Fuel Cost Ajustment (FCA) 1985," on 
          its merits, and for the issuance of a new determination resolving 
          all issues; and that the orders issued by the Rent Administrator 
          under Docket Nos. LC 001082-FR and LC 001159-FR be, and the same 

          Docket No. DC 430531-RO

          hereby are, revoked.


                                             Joseph A. D'Agosta
                                             Acting Deputy Commissioner      


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