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          APPEAL OF                                    DOCKET NO.:
                    Juanita Garcia,
                                                       RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                                       DOCKET NO.:


          On May 25, 1988, the above-named petitioner-tenant filed a petition 
          for administrative review of an order issued on May 18, 1988 by the 
          Rent Administrator, concerning the housing accommodation known as 
          1049 East 15th Street, building-wide, Brooklyn, N.Y., wherein the 
          Administrator determined that a rent reduction was not warranted 
          but directed the owner to repair the vestibule door lock.

          The Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in the record and 
          has carefully considered that portion of the record relevant to the 
          issue raised by the administrative appeal.

          This proceeding was commenced by the filing by several tenants of 
          a complaint of a decrease in services alleging numerous defective 
          conditions including that there is no vestibule door lock.  A copy 
          of the tenants' complaint was served on the owner who denied the 
          tenants' complaints or responded that the required repairs have 
          been or will be made.

          An inspection conducted by a DHCR staff inspector on March 15, 1988 
          determined that all the items in the complaint had been remedied 
          except that the vestibule door lock was defective.  Accordingly the 
          Administrator issued the order directing that the defective door 
          lock be corrected but otherwise finding that a rent reduction was 
          not warranted.

          In the PAR, the tenant disputes the inspection findings and states 
          that several items from the original complaint have still not been 
          repaired including the vestibule door lock.
          After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion 
          that the petition should be denied.


          The tenant's petition does not establish any basis for modifying or 
          revoking the Administrator's order, which found that the tenants 
          were not entitled to rent reductions.

          Based upon the record, the Administrator correctly relied upon the 
          report of the Division's inspector, who is not a party to this 
          proceeding, to determine the outcome in this case.  The inspection 
          report indicated that all but one of the tenants' complaints had 
          been remedied.  Such report must be given greater probative value 
          than the assertions of a party to the proceeding.  As for the 
          condition remaining, based on results of the inspection which 
          failed to confirm the majority of complaints cited in the 
          complaint, and in light of the collective evidence of record which 
          suggested a course of conduct wherein the owner addressed defective 
          conditions promptly, the Administrator's decision, not to impose a 
          rent reduction for the remaining condition was not arbitrary, 
          improper, or an abuse of discretion.

          This order is issued without prejudice to the right of the tenant 
          to file another complaint or application for a rent reduction under 
          the Rent Stabilization Law and Code if the facts so warrant.

          THEREFORE, in accordance with the Rent Stabilization Law and Code 
          and the Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974, it is

          ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, denied, and 
          that the Rent Administrator's order be, and the same hereby is, 


                                             JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                             Deputy Commissioner  

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