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          APPEAL OF                              DOCKET NO.: CB110188RO      
          Hen Yam Lee Corp./                     DISTRICT RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
          Edwin J. Lee,                          DOCKET NO.: BG110354S            
                                PETITIONER       PREMISES: 36-07 Steinway St.
                                                           Apt. No. 2B
                                                           Long Island City  
          -----------------------------------X             New York        


          The above-named tenant filed a timely petition for administrative 
          review of an order issued on January 27, 1988 concerning the housing 
          accommodations relating to the above-described docket number.  

          The Commissioner has reviewed all the evidence in the record and has 
          carefully considered that portion of the record relevant to the 
          issues raised by this administrative appeal.

          This proceeding was commenced on July 17, 1987 by the tenant filing 
          a complaint asserting that the windows throughout the apartment are 
          defective; that the bathroom ceiling is collapsing; and that the 
          refrigerator needs to be replaced.

          The Division transmitted to the owner on August 19, 1987 a copy of 
          the tenant's complaint.

          In an answer filed on September 8, 1987, the owner asserted that 
          "all of the tenant's complaints and grievances have been addressed 
          and repaired to the tenant's satisfaction."

          Thereafter, an on-site inspection of the subject building was 
          conducted on December 15, 1987 by a Division staff member who 
          reported the following:

               1.   In the living room left window, the top sash 
                    does not open, the lock is inoperative, the 
                    bottom storm window pane is cracked and loose;
               2.   In the living room right window, the lock is 
               inoperative, the top sash does not open, the 


               right chain is missing, the storm window sashes 
               are loose;

               3.   In the kitchen, one window is missing a storm 
                    window pane, the screen is broken, the lock is 
                    missing, the top sash does not open, both storm 
                    window sashes are loose, the window molding has 
                    an opening between wall and molding;

               4.   In one window of the bedroom, the bottom pane 
                    of the storm window is cracked, the sash is 
                    missing, the lock is inoperative, the top sash 
                    does not open;

               5.   In the bathroom, the ceiling is cracked, un- 
                    even, slightly discolored due to water seepage, 
                    part of the ceiling is about to fall;

               6.   The door of the refrigerator freezer is miss- 
                    ing; and             

               7.   The apartment entrance door frame is rotted, 
                    there is a hold in the door making the door 

          The Administrator directed restoration of services and further 
          ordered a reduction of the stabilized rent.

          In the petition for administrative review, the owner contends 
          without any attachment or proof that he received no written notice 
          of the tenant's complaint; that the windows are functional, despite 
          defective window locks and a missing widow chain; that a cracked 
          window pane is not a housing code violation; that the defective 
          bathroom ceiling is a result of temporary repairs at that time; that 
          the tenant's lack of due care caused the broken freezer door; that 
          the item concerning the defective apartment entrance door and the 
          hole was not part of the original tenant's complaint; and that all 
          of these conditions were corrected.

          On March 28, 1988, the Division mailed a copy of the owner's 
          petition to the tenant.

          In an answer filed on April 6, 1988, the tenant asserts in substance 
          that the complained of conditions as verified by the December 15, 
          1987 on-site inspection continue to exist, and that he considered 
          unfair the owner's offer to install replacement windows because it 
          was condition on a monetary contribution from the tenant.

          After careful consideration, the Commissioner is of the opinion that 
          the petition should be granted in part to the extent of omitting 
          from the Administrator's order the finding of a defective apartment 
          entrance door; and that in all other respects, the order appealed 


          from is sustained.

          The record establishes that the item in the order about a rotten 
          apartment entrance door frame and a hole in the door was not in the 
          tenant's original complaint and should therefore be omitted from the 
          Administrator's order.

          In all other respects, the Administrator's determination was based 
          upon a staff inspector's report which found defective conditions 
          within the apartment, and is hereby sustained.

          The owner cannot claim that he was not notified of the tenant's 
          complaint when in fact he answered the same below, with the 
          unsupported allegation, belied by the on-site inspection, that "all 
          of the tenant's complaints and grievances have been addressed and 
          repaired to the tenant's satisfaction".

          All other contentions by the owner concerning the numerous and 
          egregious conditions confirmed by inspection were not raised in the 
          proceeding below prior to the issuance of the Administrator's order 
          and are now raised for the first time on appeal.  Accordingly, these 
          assertions in the petition are beyond the scope of administrative 
          review which is limited to the issues and evidence before the 

          The automatic stay of the retroactive rent abatement that resulted 
          by the filing of the petition is vacated upon issuance of this Order 
          and Opinion.

          THEREFORE, in accordance with the Rent Stabilization Law and Code, 
          it is

          ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, granted in 
          part to the extent of omitting from the order appealed from the 
          finding of a defective apartment entrance door; and that in all 
          other respects, the Administrator's order be, and the same hereby 
          is, affirmed.


                                          JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                          Deputy Commissioner


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