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          APPEAL OF                               DOCKET NO.:  CA130372RO 
          RAMESH SHAH
                                                  ADMINISTRATOR'S DOCKET 
                                                  NO.: BH110087S

               On January 22, 1988 the above named petitioner-owner timely 
          refiled a Petition for Administrative Review against an order of 
          the Rent Administrator issued November 12, 1987. The order 
          concerned housing accommodations known as Apt 3C located at 41-41 
          51st Street, Woodside, N.Y.  The Administrator directed restoration 
          of services and ordered a rent reduction for failure to maintain 
          required services.  

               The Commissioner has reviewed the record and carefully 
          considered that portion relevant to the issues raised by this 

               The tenant commenced this proceeding on August 19, 1987 by 
          filing a Statement of Complaint of Decrease in Services wherein  
          she stated, among other things, that the oven door spring and the 
          gas pipe leading to the oven were broken.

               The owner was served with a copy of the complaint and afforded 
          an opportunity to respond. The owner filed a response on September 
          1, 1987.  The response did not address the issues of the door 
          spring or pipe.
               The Administrator ordered a physical inspection of the subject 
          apartment.  Inspections were conducted on September 24, 1987 and 
          September 25, 1987 and revealed that the stove/oven door spring was 
          broken and that the gas pipe line had not been repaired.  All other 
          services complained of were found to be maintained.

               The Administrator issued the order here under review on 
          November 12, 1987 and ordered a rent reduction of an amount equal 
          to the percentage of the most recent guideline adjustment based on 


          the inspector's report. 

               On appeal the owner's petition raises issues relating to 
          another rent reduction proceeding (Docket No. AH130022B) for which 
          the owner's appeal was decided in Docket No. BJ110278RO.  The 
          issues are irrelevant to those in the instant proceeding.  The 
          petition was served on the tenant on May 18, 1988.

               After careful review of the evidence in the record, the 
          Commissioner is of the opinion that the petition should be denied.

               The substance of the owner's petition does not relate to the 
          rent reduction ordered in Docket No. BH110087S and the owner's 
          response to the complaint did not address the conditions relating 
          to the oven door spring and gas pipe.  Based on the foregoing and 
          on the results of the on-site physical inspection described above, 
          the Commissioner is of the opinion that the order here under review 
          was correctly issued and should be affirmed.  

               The automatic stay of the retroactive rent abatement which 
          resulted from the filing of this administrative appeal is vacated 
          upon issuance of this order and opinion.  The owner may file for 
          rent restoration when services have been fully restored.

               THEREFORE, pursuant to the Rent Stabilization Law and Code it 

               ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby is, 
          denied, and that the Rent Administrator's order be, and the same 
          hereby is, affirmed.


                                             JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                             Deputy Commissioner

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