BK 110257 RO
                                  STATE OF NEW YORK
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                              JAMAICA, NEW YORK   11433

          APPEAL OF                               DOCKET NO.: BK 110257 RO

               MICHAEL M. LEE & COMPANY,          DRO DOCKET NO.:
                                                  TENANT:  LEATHEA E. VANDORA



          On November 19, 1987, the above-named  petitioner-owner  filed  a
          Petition for Administrative Review against  an  order  issued  on
          October 14, 1987, by the Rent Administrator, 10 Columbus  Circle,
          New York, New York, concerning the housing  accommodations  known
          as 84-09 Talbot Street, Kew Gardens, New  York,  Apartment  C-15,
          wherein the Rent Administrator  determined  that  the  owner  had
          overcharged the tenant.

          The Administrative appeal is being  determined  pursuant  to  the
          provisions of Section 2526.1 of the Rent Stabilization Code.

          The issue in this appeal  is  whether  the  Rent  Administrator's
          order was warranted.

          The Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in  the  record
          and has carefully considered that portion of the record  relevant
          to the issues raised by the administrative appeal.

          This proceeding was originally commenced by the filing of a  rent
          overcharge complaint by the tenant on April 14, 1982.  The  owner
          was served with a copy of the tenant's complaint and was  advised
          to submit a complete rental history of the subject apartment from 
          the base rent  date  as  well  as  leases  and  documentation  to
          substantiate  the  base  rent  date.   In  response,  the   owner
          submitted a lease history commencing June  1,  1980.   The  owner
          stated that the first rent stabilized tenant was the tenant named 
          on the June 1, 1980 lease, that  there  was  no  overcharge,  and
          that the complainant's rent had  been  calculated  in  accordance
          with permitted guidelines increases and a new appliance charge.

          On May 26, 1987, a Final Notice of Pending Default  was  sent  to
          the owner affording  it  an  opportunity  to  submit  all  leases
          covering the period from the base rent date to the  complainant's
          first lease and to submit  substantiating  documentation  of  the

          BK 110257 RO
          alleged base rent date.

          The owner did not reply to the notice.  On September 24, 1987, in 
          response to a  request  for  additional  information,  the  owner
          submitted a copy of the Landlord's Report of Statutory  Decontrol
          (R-42 form) in which the date of decontrol is stated as May 1975.

          In Order Number 31,589,  the  Rent  Administrator  using  default
          procedures, established the lawful stabilization rent as  $267.17
          effective July 15, 1983, determined  that  the  tenant  had  been
          overcharged and directed a refund of $9,058.14 including interest 
          on overcharges collected on and after April 1, 1984.

          In the petition, the owner contends in substance that  the  order
          should be reversed since the Administrator ignored  the  tenant's
          agreement to withdraw the complaint.  The owner further  contends
          that  since  it  had  provided  all  requested  information,  the
          Administrator erred in applying default procedures  to  determine
          the rent.

          In answer to the owner's petition, the  tenant  states  that  the
          owner has never complied with  the  settlement  terms,  that  she
          doesn't know whether the terms were fair ab initio and therefore, 
          she does not wish to withdraw the complaint.

          The Commissioner is of the opinion that this petition  should  be

          Pursuant to Code Section 2520.13, a tenant  cannot  by  agreement
          waive any benefit provided by  the  Rent  Stabilization  Law  and
          Code.  However, based upon a negotiated settlement, and with  the
          approval of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal  (DHCR)
          or  a  court  of  competent  jurisdiction  where  a   tenant   is
          represented by counsel,  a  tenant  may  withdraw  any  complaint
          pending before the DHCR.  Review of the evidence reveals that the 
          tenant  was  not  represented  when  she  settled  and  that  the
          settlement was not approved by either the  DHCR  or  a  court  of
          competent jurisdiction.  Accordingly, the Administrator  did  not
          err   in   disregarding   the   purported   settlement   in   his

          With respect to the owner's allegation of  having  submitted  all
          requested information, an examination  of  the  record  discloses
          that although May 1975 (as is stated in the R-42 form) appears to 
          be the date of  decontrol,  despite  having  been  instructed  to
          submit  rental  records  from  the  base  rent  date,  the  owner
          submitted  no  rental  records  prior  to  June  1,  1980.    The
          Commissioner notes that the subject property is  located  is  the
          Second Judicial Department and thus the  submission  required  is
          governed by the decision in JRD v. Eimicke 148 A.D.2nd 610  which
          limited the owner's obligation to produce rent records  to  April
          1, 1980.  The owner should have  submitted  rental  records  from
          April  1,  1980  which  it  failed  to  do.    Accordingly,   the
          Administrator did not err  in  applying  court  approved  default
          procedures in establishing the lawful stabilization rent.  

          The lawful stabilization rent effective April 1, 1984 is $267.17. 
          The amount to be refunded to the tenant for the period  July  15,
          1981 through June 30,  1984  is  $9,058.14  inclusive  of  excess

          BK 110257 RO
          security and interest on the overcharge collected  on  and  after
          April 1, 1984.

          Because this determination concerns  lawful  rents  only  through
          June 30, 1984, the owner is cautioned to adjust subsequent  rents
          to an  amount  no  greater  than  that  determined  by  the  Rent
          Administrator's order plus any lawful increases, and to  register
          any adjusted rents with this order and opinion being given as the 
          explanation for the adjustment.

          This order may, upon the expiration of the period  in  which  the
          owner may institute a proceedi g  pursuant  to  Article  Seventy-
          Eight of the Civil Practice Law and Rules, be filed and  enforced
          by the tenant in the same manner as a judgment or not  in  excess
          of twenty percent thereof per month may  be  offset  against  any
          rent thereafter due the owner.

          THEREFORE, in accordance with  the  Rent  Stabilization  Law  and
          Code, and the Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974, it is

          ORDERED, that this petition be, and the same hereby  is,  denied,
          and that the Rent Administrator's order be, and the  same  hereby
          is, affirmed.


                                                  JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                                  Acting Deputy Commissioner

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