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          APPEAL OF                               DOCKET NO. BJ-710351-RO

                                                  D.R.O. DOCKET NO. G-B-D-7-10007-S



          On October 19, 1987 the above-named petitioner-landlord filed  an
          Administrative Appeal against an order issued  on  September  14,
          1987 by the  District  Rent  Administrator  (50  Clinton  Street,
          Hempstead, New York) concerning the housing accommodations  known
          as 32 Pearsall  Avenue,  Glen  Cove,  New  York,  Apartment  1-J,
          wherein the  Administrator  granted  a  rent  reduction  for  the
          subject stabilized apartment based on the landlord's  failure  to
          maintain services.

          The tenant of the apartment herein commenced the proceeding below 
          by filing with the Administrator  a  complaint  of  reduction  in
          services in March of 1987, stating (among other things) that:

               (I)  Debris was falling from  the  terrace  ceiling;

               (II) the terrace floor was cracked and dangerous. 

          In response to the tenant's complaint, the landlord  stated  that
          the terrace would be repaired in the next 60 days  and  that  the
          other items have been taken care of.

          The District Rent Administrator's order, appealed herein,  stated
          that the "Terrace ceiling has only been covered, but  iron  beams
          are corroding, debris falling."  In addition,  the  order  stated
          that the terrace floor has cracks in the cement.

          This order was based upon a physical inspection conducted by this 
          Division on August 28, 1987.

          On appeal, the petitioner-landlord contends, in substance, that 

               (A)  Prior to the inspection  of  August  28,  1987,
                    the petitioner installed  steel  soffit  panels
                    on  all  building  overhangs  and  treated  all
                    exposed metal with rust inhibiting paint;

               (B)  thus, debris could  not  be  falling  from  the
                    terrace overhang and the  inspector  could  not
                    have  possibly  viewed   the   interior   beams
                    corroding; and

               (C)  although  photographs  of  the  tenant's  patio
                    surface  reveal  some  water  staining  and   a
                    minor crack, such conditions do  not  interfere
                    with the use  and  enjoyment  of  the  tenant's
                    patio  and  at  best  constitute   de   minimis
                    conditions which do not  warrant  the  granting
                    of  a  rent  reduction.   In  support  of   its
                    contentions,     the     landlord     submitted
                    photographs of the terrace herein.

          In response to the  landlord's  petition,  the  tenant  filed  an
          answer stating, in substance, that

               (1)   After  three  years  of  continuing  rust  and
                    corrosion, the outside  iron  beams  have  just
                    been scraped and painted in December of 1987;

               (2)  there are still  cracks  and  water  stains  in
                    the cement surface of the tenant's patio; and

               (3)   water  seeps  out  of  one  of   the   cracks,
                    resulting in a bad smell.  

          In support of her contentions, the tenant  submitted  photographs
          of the terrace, including photographs of the outside beams  taken
          in November of 1987 (showing corroded outside beams subsequent to 
          the installation of the soffit panels on the building overhang).

          After a careful consideration of the entire  evidence  of  record
          the Commissioner is of the opinion that the administrative appeal 
          should be denied.

          The Commissioner notes that there is nothing in the record  below
          nor in the documentation submitted with this appeal which negates 
          the  results  of  the  physical  inspection  conducted  by   this
          Division.   Photographs  submitted  by  the   petitioner-landlord
          (which were taken after the installation of  the  soffit  panels)
          disclose iron beams which could clearly be inspectd by the  naked
          eye and a long crack in the cement floor of the  terrace.   While
          the tenant has acknowledged that the iron beams have  since  been
          scraped and painted, this would only affect  a  rent  restoration
          application filed by the owner.  Finally, the owner's photographs 
          show that the crack in the terrace floor does not constitute a de 
          minimis condition  and  that  this  condition  could  deteriorate
          without proper maintenance.

          On the basis of the entire evidence of record, it is  found  that
          the Administrator's order is correct and should be affirmed.

          THEREFORE, in accordance with the applicable  provisions  of  the
          Emergency Tenant Protection Act and Operational Bulletin 84-1, it 

          ORDERED, that the Administrative Appeal be, and the  same  hereby

          is, denied; and that the Administrator's order be, and  the  same
          hereby is, affirmed.

                                                  JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                                  Deputy Commissioner

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