BH 410083 RO

                                  STATE OF NEW YORK
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                               JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

          APPEALS OF                             DOCKET NO. BH 410083 RO,
                                              :  BH 410084 RO, BH 410085 RO,
               SULZBERGER-ROLFE, INC             BH 410086 RO, BH 410087 RO,
                                                 BH 410088 RO
                                PETITIONER    :  D.R.O. DOCKET NO: 45887-892

                The above-named petitioner-owner filed timely Petitions for 
          Administrative Review against orders issued on August 12 through 19, 
          1987, by the Rent Administrator, 10 Columbus Circle, New York, New 
          York, concerning the housing accommodations known as 39 East 78th 
          Street, New York, New York, Various Apartments, wherein the Rent 
          Administrator determined that, among other things, the owner 
          provides air conditioners in the subject apartments. 

          The issue herein is whether the Rent Administrator's orders 
          were warranted.

          The Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in the 
          record and has carefully considered that portion of the record 
          relevant to the issue raised by the administrative appeals.  

          This proceeding was originally commenced by the filing of 
          Tenant's Objection Forms challenging the owner's apartment 
          registration statements in which the tenants allege inter alia 
          that the owner omitted the provision of air conditioners from the 
          registration statements.

          In its answers to the tenants' objections, the owner either 
          dealt with other items, but did not mention the provision of air 
          conditioners or acknowledged that it did provide air conditioners.

          In the orders under appeal herein, the Rent Administrator 
          determined inter alia that the owner provides air conditioners 
          for the subject apartments and that the owner failed to refute the 
          tenants' contentions regarding the air conditioners.

          In these petitions, the owner contends in substance that the 
          Rent Administrator's orders are incorrect and should be reversed 
          because it did refute the tenants' contentions regarding the air 
          conditioners in that the tenants' leases all contain a provision 
          to the effect that the tenants shall use and maintain the air 
          conditioners, but that the air conditioners remain the property of 
          the owner.

          BH 410083 RO

          The Commissioner is of the opinion that these petitions 
          should be denied.

          The Rent Administrator's orders under appeal herein found 
          that the owner provided air conditioners to the subject apartments 
          and the owner has not disputed this point on appeal.  Further, the 
          Rent Administrator's orders correctly found that the owner did not 
          refute the tenants' contention that air conditioners were 
          provided.  Indeed, the owner is in agreement with such 
          contention.  Accordingly, the Rent Administrator's orders were 

          THEREFORE, in accordance with the provisions of the Rent 
          Stabilization Law and Code, it is

          ORDERED, that these petitions for administrative review be, 
          and the same hereby are, denied, and, that the orders of the Rent 
          Administrator be, and the same hereby are, affirmed.


                                          JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                          Deputy Commissioner


          BH 410083 RO


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