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          APPEALS OF                            DOCKET NOS.: BA130437RO
               Provident Operating Corp.,       RENT ADMINISTRATOR'S
                                                DOCKET NOS.: AB120003OR



               On August 30, 1986,  the  Administrator  per  Docket  Number
          QCS000587B, decreased the rents of the  tenants  at  the  housing
          accommodations known as 98-11 65th Avenue, Queens, New  York,  by
          $4.00 per month effective January 1,  1987  for  rent  controlled
          tenants, and for rent stabilized tenants by the amount of the last 
          guideline increase which commenced prior to October 1, 1985,  the
          effective date of the rent reduction.

               The owner filed an initial rent restoration  application  on
          February 5, 1986.  An amended rent restoration application filed on 
          February 12, 1986, stated that the forms submitted on February 5, 
          were incorrect, and requested that the new  forms  be  processed.
          Rather than being merged, separate docket  numbers  inadvertently
          resulted, which are the subject matter of the instant appeals.
               On January 15, 1987, the above-named petitioner-owner filed a 
          petition for administrative review (PAR) assigned  Docket  Number
          BA130437RO, of an order issued on December 29,  1986  per  Docket
          Number AB120003OR, restoring rents by $4.00 per  month  effective
          January 1,  1987,  properly  for  rent  controlled  tenants,  but
          incorrectly  for  rent  stabilized  tenants.   The  Administrator
          restored the rents based on the results of an inspection conducted 
          on November 7, 1986 that revealed that the defects that gave rise 
          to the rent reduction had been corrected.


               The owner's appeal per Docket Number BA130437RO requests that 
          the order per Docket Number AB120003OR be amended to  grant  rent
          stabilized tenants the full amount of the rent restoration, and to 
          correct the effective date.  Pursuant with DHCR's then procedures,
          the owner served the PAR.  The owner averred  that  the  PAR  was
          served on January 13, 1987, stating that he served the PAR on one 
          of the tenants on behalf of all affected tenants.

               The owner is correct that rent restoration for the stabilized 
          tenants should have been granted for the full amount of the  rent
          reduction, plus  lawful  guidelines  and  other  increases.   The
          effective date is established as of April 1, 1986, the first day of 
          the month following service of the  owner's  application  on  the

               The owner's petition for administrative  review  per  Docket
          Number BJ130248RO,  appealed the order issued  on  September  27,
          1987, per  Docket  Number  AB120056OR,  which  the  Administrator
          inadvertently processed separately rather  than  as  the  amended
          application for Docket No. AB120003OR.  In  pertinent  part,  the
          order restored the rents for rent  controlled  tenants  effective
          October 1, 1987, and for rent stabilized tenants effective May 1, 
          1986, based on the results of an inspection April 2,  1987.   The
          owner's PAR avers that copies of the PAR were served on the tenants 
          on October 26, 1987.

               The owner's appeal per Docket Number BJ130248RO  points  out
          that since the rent restoration order issued on December 29, 1986 
          per Docket Number AB120003OR had restored the rent controlled rents 
          effective January 1, 1987, the rent restoration effective date for 
          rent controlled tenants in the subsequent order per Docket Number 
          AB130056OR should have conformed with the prior rent  restoration
          order.  Modification of the effective date from October 1, 1987 to 
          January 1, 1987 grants no additional relief to the tenants.   The
          owner's request to conform the rent restoration date is, therefore, 

               The Commissioner is also of the opinion that  the  effective
          date of the rent restoration for rent stabilized tenants in Docket 
          Number AB130056OR should be amended to April 1, 1986, in accordance 
          with the findings hereinabove.

               THEREFORE, in accordance with the  provisions  of  Rent  and
          Eviction Regulations, the City Rent Control  Law,  and  the  Rent
          Stabilization Law and Code, it is,


               ORDERED, that the owner's petitions be and the same hereby are 
          granted.  The Administrators order per Docket Number AB120003OR is 
          amended to reflect restoration of rent stabilized rents  for  the
          full amount of the rent reduction effective April 1,  1986.   The
          Administrator's order per Docket Number AB120056OR is amended  to
          reflect restoration of rent controlled rents effective January 1, 
          1987, and restoration of rent stabilized rents effective April 1, 
          1986, in accordance with the above.  Rent arrears due  the  owner
          from the tenants as a result of this order may be paid  over  the
          course of the next two (2) months.


                                                  Joseph    A.     D'Agosta
                                                  Deputy       Commissioner



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