BG 110215 RT

                                  STATE OF NEW YORK
                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                               JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

          APPEAL OF                              DOCKET NO. BG 110215 RT
                                              :  DRO DOCKET NO. 42265
               GHISLAINE C. AUDAIN                     

                                PETITIONER    : 

               On July 6, 1987, the above-named petitioner-tenant filed a 
          Petition for Administrative Review against an order issued on June 
          15, 1987, by the Rent Administrator, 10 Columbus Circle, New York, 
          New York, concerning the housing accommodations known as 41-06 Case 
          Street, Queens, New York, Apartment No. 3H, wherein the Rent 
          Administrator determined that the owner provides a refrigerator for 
          the subject apartment and provides a full time superintendent for 
          the subject premises.

               The Administrative Appeal is being determined pursuant to the 
          provisions of Section 2528.2 of the Rent Stabilization Code.

               The issue herein is whether the Rent Administrator's order was 

          The Commissioner has reviewed all of the evidence in the 
          record and has carefully considered that portion of the record 
          relevant to the issue raised by the administrative appeal.  

          This proceeding was originally commenced by the filing of a 
          Tenant's Objection Form challenging the owner's apartment 
          registration statement.  The tenant alleged in substance that she 
          had purchased her own refrigerator for the subject apartment.

          In response, the owner stated that the tenant never told the 
          owner that she had purchased her own refrigerator.

          Subsequently, the tenant submitted a copy of a bill and 
          cancelled check showing she had purchased her refrigerator from 
          Sears in 1982.  Unfortunately, this submission was not made part 
          of the file before the Rent Administrator although submitted prior 
          to the issuance of the Rent Administrator's order.

          In Order Number 42265, the Rent Administrator determined 
          among other things that due to the tenant's failure to respond to 
          the owner's answer, that the owner in fact supplied the 

          BG 110215 RT

          In this petition, the tenant contends in substance that the 
          refrigerator is her property and that the blinds were sold to her 
          by the prior tenant.

          In answer to the petition, the owner concedes that the tenant 
          does own the refrigerator and that it has updated its records to 
          reflect such ownership of the refrigerator.

          The Commissioner is of the opinion that this petition should 
          be granted in part.

          The tenant supplied evidence in the proceeding before the 
          Rent Administrator establishing that she  in fact owns her own 
          refrigerator.  Moreover, the owner has now conceded that the 
          tenant does own the refrigerator.  Accordingly, the apartment 
          registration is hereby amended to show that the tenant herein owns 
          the refrigerator in the subject apartment.  However, the owner 
          remains responsible for supplying a working refrigerator in the 
          subject apartment upon vacancy of the subject apartment by the 
          tenant herein.

          With regard to the tenant's contention concerning the blinds, 
          it is noted that the tenant did not state in her original 
          objection that she owned the blinds so that such contention cannot 
          be considered for the first time on appeal.

          THEREFORE, in accordance with the provisions of the Rent 
          Stabilization Law and Code, it is

          ORDERED, that this petition for administrative review be, and 
          the same hereby is, granted in part, and, that the order of the 
          Rent Administrator be, and the same hereby is, modified in 
          accordance with this order and opinion.


                                          JOSEPH A. D'AGOSTA
                                          Deputy Commissioner


          BG 110215 RT


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