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                            OFFICE OF RENT ADMINISTRATION
                                     GERTZ PLAZA
                               92-31 UNION HALL STREET
                               JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11433

          APPEAL OF                            :  DOCKET NUMBER: AJ-410489-RO
            AAF McALPIN ASSOCIATION,           :  DISTRICT RENT ORDER        
                                               :  DOCKET NUMBER: LS 000158-B
                                   PETITIONER  :


          On October 15,  1986  the  above-named  petitioner-owner  filed  a
          Petition for Administrative Review against an order  of  the  Rent
          Administrator issued on September 12, 1986.  The  order  concerned
          housing accommodations located at 50 West 39th Street, New York, 
          New York.  The Administrator issued a building-wide order reducing 
          rent for failure to maintain services.

          The  Commissioner  has  reviewed  the  record  and  has  carefully
          considered that portion relevant  to  the  issues  raised  by  the
          administrative appeal.

          Four tenants commenced the proceeding by joining  in  a  complaint
          filed on October  6,  1984  alleging  various  decreased  building
          services including problems with heat and air  conditioning,  rats
          in incinerator area, problems with elevators, and trash in  lobby,
          wallpaper torn down.

          The owner filed an answer on December 4, 1984.  In that answer the 
          owners stated that it attempted to rectify  the  problems  in  one
          tenant's (Gelmi's) apartment but was denied access.  Regarding the 
          air conditioning and elevator, the owner  admitted  that  problems
          existed but were temporary inconveniences.  The owner stated  that
          no wallpaper existed in the lobby to be torn down and  any  debris
          in the lobby was caused by the "tremendous  traffic"  through  the

          One tenant advised on April 10, 1985 that services  had  not  been

          The  Administrator  ordered  an  inspection  to  be  held.    That
          inspection was conducted on April 15, 1985.  The  inspector  found
          the following services deficiencies:  

               1.     Incinerator   needs   exterminator    service.
                    Evidence of vermin.

               2.   Elevator needs repair.  Not working at  time  of

          DOCKET NUMBER: AJ-410489-RO

               3.   Public areas littered at time of inspection.

               4.   Hallway corridor  wallpapers  are  peeling  from

               5.   Heat not required.

          A copy of the inspector's report was served on the owner on 
          September 9, 1985.

          The owner responded on October 17,  1985  that  the  building  was
          serviced by an exterminator on a weekly basis, the elevators 
          are in working order, porters clean the public areas daily, and 
          paper  hangers  are  in  the  process  of  repairing  all  damaged

          The premises were reinspected on April 15,  1986.   The  inspector

               1.   Inadequate extermination.
               2.   Holes in floors and walls.
               3.   Incinerators in need of cleaning.
               4.   One (1) of six (6) elevators is defective.
               5.   Lobby wall paper torn and open at the seams.

          Based on the inspector's report, the Administrator  issued  orders
          reducing the rents of three of the complaining tenants (the fourth 
          had moved out).

          On appeal the owner raised the following points in urging reversal 
          of the Administrator's order:

               1.   This complaint is two years old.

               2.    We  have  no  record  of   receiving   original

               3.   All items listed have long since been corrected.

                    a)   The building  has  a  service  contract
                         with a licensed exterminator.

                    b)    The  building  has  a   full   service
                         contract  with  an   elevator   service
                         company.  All elevators are working.

                    c)   The  holes  referred  to  were  due  to
                         major  construction  ongoing   at   the
                         time  and  were  repaired,  as  is  the
                         wallpaper in the lobby.

                    d)   The compactor is  cleaned  on  a  daily

          DOCKET NUMBER: AJ-410489-RO
               4.    We  have  no  record  of  a  visit  by  a  DHCR
                    Inspector, nor a report.

               5.   All required services are provided.

               6.   Two of the listed tenants have moved; one  to  a
                    different  apartment  and  another  out  of  the
                    United States.

          One tenant filed a response to the petition.  In that response the 
          tenant stated that problems still exist with the  elevators,  that
          the holes in the walls had been plastered but not painted and that 
          two tenants had, indeed, moved out but one still  resided  in  the
          United States.  

          After a  careful  review  of  the  evidence  in  the  record,  the
          Commissioner is of the opinion that the petition should be denied.

          The fact that the tenant's complaint was two years  old  does  not
          render the rent reduction order invalid.  The  determination  that
          certain services were not being maintained was based on a 
          physical inspection conducted only a few months before  the  order
          was issued and the inspection confirmed that during the year and a 
          half that the proceeding was pending the owner had not made the 
          necessary  repairs  to  correct  the  conditions  cited   in   the

          The assertion that the complaint was not received is belied by the 
          fact that an answer to the complaint was filed by the owner.  The 

          owner's claims that all conditions  have  been  corrected  is  not
          supported  by  any  evidence  and  is  contradicted  by  the  DHCR
          inspector's two reports and by the statement of one tenant.

          The record also reveals that, contrary to the owner's statement, a 
          copy of the May 15, 1985 inspection was served on  the  owner  and
          the owner submitted a response to it.

          Finally, the fact that two of the tenants have moved out does  not
          relieve the owner of the responsibility  to  correct  the  service
          deficiencies.  It is the apartment rent that is reduced regardless 
          of any change to tenancy, and  the  reduction  remains  in  effect
          until a rent restoration order is issued.

          THEREFORE, pursuant to the Rent Stabilization Law and Code, it is

          ORDERED, that the petition be, and the same hereby is, denied  and
          that the Rent Administrator order be,  and  the  same  hereby  is,


          DOCKET NUMBER: AJ-410489-RO
                                             ELLIOT SANDER
                                             Deputy Commissioner


                                               ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW BUREAU
                                                COVERING MEMORANDUM

          ARB Docket No.:  AJ-410489-RO

          DRO Docket No/Order No.:  LS 000158-B

          Tenant(s): VARIOUS


          Code Section:  

          Premises:  50 WEST 39TH STREET, NEW YORK, NEW YORK


          Administrator ordered building-wide  rent  reduction.   Owner  put
          forth various grounds for reversal.  None valid.  Affirmed.


          Processing Attorney:                                             

          Supervising Attorney:                                            

          Bureau Chief:                                                    

          Deputy Counsel:                                                  

          Deputy Commissioner:                                             

          Mailed copies of Order and Determination to:
                         Tenant's Atty.       
                         Owner's Atty.        

          Date:                    : by                                   


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