Why is housing Court so pro-landlord?
Look at who picks the judges!

Housing Court Advisory Council
as of November 1993

Real Estate Industry

    Rubin Klein, Esq.
    Rent Stabilization Assn. (RSA)

    Lewis Steinman
    Rudin Management Co. & RSA

Tenants' Organization

    Shirley Rudd-Johnson
    Human Rights Commission

Civic Groups

    David M. Rosenberg, Esq.
    Marcus Borg Rosenberg & Diamond

    Luis Osorio
    Dept of Employment

Bar Association

    Herbert Rubin, Esq.
    Landlord atty.

    Warren A. Estis, Esq.
    Rosenberg & Estis (landlord attys.)

Public at Large

    Hon. Rosemary Gunning

    Percy L. Lambert, Esq.

    Manuel Mirabel
    Finkelstein, Borah (landlord attys.)

    James E. Morton
    Office of Court Admin.

Mayor's Representative
    Deborah Mansfield
DHCR Representative

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