Innings and Pratfalls

  • Senate Debate on Rent Regulations 4/7/97
    Motion to Discharge "straight extender" bill to extend rent regs for four years

  • New York City Council -- Committee on Housing and Buildings 3/14/97
    Transcript of Hearing March 14, 1997 where Speaker Peter Vallone's Bill Intro. 920-A continuing Vacancy Decontrol was pushed through the committee based on false statements that tenants had approved dumping the Michels/Fields Bill Intro 930. City Council Member Stanley Michels apparently had his office issue such false claims due to reported threats by Vallone. Unfortunately, some of the tenant groups who claim to "lead the way" in this case "dropped the ball" and discontinued [ten days before the vote] all efforts in support of Intro. 930 which would have repealed Vacancy Decontrol. At that time, all except a handful of the "friends of tenants" council members ran for cover by refusing to support an effort to bring Intro. 930 to the council floor as an amendment. Those who stood up to the machine included Virginia Fields, Sal Albanese, Andrew Eristoff, Gifford Miller and Ronnie Eldridge. We understand that Marshall, Povman and Leffler had also agreed to support the floor amendment, but where were the others? By March 25, it was decided not the introduce the amendment as the support was simply not there (26 are needed to pass) and due to possible procedural problems.

  • New York City Council -- Committee on Housing and Buildings 3/11/97
    Transcript of Public Hearing March 11, 1997 -- over 300 pages of testimony in seven parts. Two bills were under consideration by the Committee at this point: Intro. 920 by Speaker Vallone which would have continued Vacancy Decontrol and Intro. 930 "Fields/Michels" which would repeal Vacancy Decontrol. Intro 930 had a good chance as there were eighteen council members supportive of the bill at that time.

  • Text of NY City Council Intro. 920-A which continued Vacancy Decontrol

  • Text of NY City Council Intro. 930 to repeal Vacancy Decontrol

  • New York City Council
    Council Meeting March 25, 1997 where Intro. 920-A continuing Vacancy Decontrol was approved by the City Council (coming)